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The Originals 1×07 “Bloodletting” Recap


By Meagan Dunn

When someone from Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) past makes a startling revelation, she grows concerned for herself and the baby.

Amidst growing tensions between them, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) turn to Sabine (guest star Shannon Kane) for help in locating Hayley, who has gone missing, and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) makes Rebekah (Claire Holt) an enticing offer that leaves her torn.

Marcel opens to fight night. The last standing vampire gets one step closer to a daylight ring. The crowd gets excited when suddenly Klaus swoops in and breaks the female vampire’s neck. Silence reigns down. Marcel is pissed. Elijah enters and demands to know where Haley is or else they will kill everyone. Marcel says that he doesn’t have her, but – in a gesture of good faith – he offers to help find her.

Turns out Haley is in the back of a truck and when she wakes, the driver pulls over, opens up the trunk, and Haley tries to kick him. He comes back with “SERIOUSLY?” We learn that her kidnapper is Tyler Lockwood, from The Vampire Diaries.

Marcel comes out with the witch Sabine to offer a locator spell.

Tyler takes Haley to the “arm pit of Louisiana.” Tyler tells her she is not the same person she was. She tells him that things have changed. He knows all about it and says he’s been snooping around the bayou looking for answers. Her “birthmark” of  crescent shape means she’s from a big shot royal werewolf family and he has brought her to what is left of them. Haley sees one and cries for help. She runs. Tyler says they can’t help her. A werewolf, Dwayne, takes her inside at Tyler’s request.

Sabine tells Klaus and Elijah she is in back-country. They come to the conclusion she went out looking for the wolves on her own.

Marcel approaches Josh and tells him he saw him at Klaus’ plantation.

Elijah and Klaus go looking for Haley, but Klaus picks up Tyler’s scent. He gives us a back story of Tyler. He was his first hybrid creation, sired to him, he was loyal, then turned all his all other hybrids against him, Klaus killed them all, but Tyler ran. Klaus also pursued Tyler’s girlfriend and killed his mother. Elijah and Klaus get into about Haley and Klaus accuses him of having feelings for Haley. Klaus cuts off the conversation and says he will kill Tyler himself and takes off.

Marcel comes in to Davina’s room. He dumps Josh in Davina’s room. He wants Davina to wipe his memories to flip him. Josh agrees.

Haley asks Tyler if he is the wolf protecting her because only hybrids can turn at will. He says no and Haley tells him not to hurt her or they will kill him. Tyler tells her he isn’t afraid to die. Dwayne comes in and holds her down. Tyler injects a needle and draws blood from her stomach, sticks it in Dwayne, and then kills him.

Rebekah attacks Marcel. They work it out and Rebekah tells him not to let Klaus know she led him to the plantation. She says she can’t trust him, but offers for him to prove her wrong. He says okay and offers to show her something.

Tyler tells Haley Dwayne knew what he was getting into. Dwayne died with hybrid blood in his system so he can turn him into a hybrid. Tyler says a witch had a premonition about the baby’s blood turning werewolves into hybrids. He says that’s all Klaus wants from the baby. He also has to make sure Dwayne doesn’t sire to Klaus. Dwayne wakes up, feeds on Haley, and goes outside.

Davina and Josh talk about music to distract him from the pain. He talks about how he used to want to meet boys, now he wants to meet boys, feed on people, and get a daylight ring. Davina says Marcel won’t let her play or listen to music. She tells him about the Harvest and that she will destroy them all.

Tyler advances on Haley to kill her baby. Dwayne comes in to protect Haley. Haley plants the idea in his head to kill Tyler. Tyler rips his heart out, and Haley escapes. Elijah finds Haley and she tells him he needs to know something about the baby.

Tyler is looking for Haley and says he will end it quick. Klaus says that’s not happening and threatens him as he approaches Tyler. Klaus teases Tyler about Caroline (the girl Klaus wants and Tyler’s ex). He antagonizes him and Tyler runs.

Marcel shows Rebekah a house he designed for her. The garden was the foundation for the house. Rebekah asks why Marcel didn’t come after her. He tells her he thought she would come back. She tells him she couldn’t because Klaus daggered her and put her away for over a century. Marcel offers a choice to have her happily ever after by taking down Klaus together.

Haley tells Elijah Klaus had to know about the baby, because he wouldn’t care about being a father. Haley comments that Dwayne seemed sired to her instead of Klaus. Elijah wants to take her home, but Haley says she can take care of herself.

Tyler stakes Klaus, he pulls out, and they run at each other. They fight. Klaus realizes that Tyler suffers more being alive than dead. He leaves him alive.

Rebekah tells Marcel Klaus will murder everyone if they stand against him. Marcel wants to kill him. Rebekah tells him that when you kill an Original, their entire line dies with them. This means Marcel would die. Marcel decides they should attempt to bury him in the garden. Rebekah thinks it won’t work.

Klaus finds Dwayne’s body and asks about it. Elijah accuses Klaus of wanting to use his child to create sired hybrids as Tyler said. Klaus tells him he assumes the worst about him. Elijah and Klaus talk about their differences. Klaus tells Elijah he thinks of him as the bastard. Klaus bites Elijah and tells him that the hallucinations and dementia he will experience is his goodbye gift to them.

Josh feels free from Klaus. Davina tells him Marcel wants him to make him forget about her. Josh promises to keep her secret and tells her she’s normal. Davina likes it and agrees.

Elijah says the bite won’t kill him. Haley rummages through her family’s werewolf things. Elijah says that he was too quick to judge Klaus. Haley tells him they all do bad things, but they die before the list gets embarrassing. Haley goes outside and finds a bible with a family tree that goes back generations. Elijah asks who Andrea is and Haley said she thinks that she is because that is the day she was born.

Rebekah talks to Klaus about Elijah and Haley. Klaus tells her he needs her help against Marcel. He wants her to spy on him. He wants to know if Marcel is plotting against him. Rebekah tells him he is paranoid and Marcel knows nothing.

Tyler goes to Marcel with the information about the baby in a deal. He tells Marcel the baby will end the vampire race.