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‘The Originals’ Episode 6 Recap: “The Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”

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By Meagan Dunn

We open with Klaus and Elijah reading with a dead girl on the table between them. Rebekah walks in and asks what is going on. Klaus says the girl was a peace offering to Elijah. Elijah denied the gift and told Klaus he wanted a change in behavior as an apology. Klaus drained the girl instead and Rebekah has to clean up their mess.

Klaus then recites the book he is reading, The Poison Tree, through narrative speak as it shows Marcel walking into a store, Cami seeing “Murderer” spray painted on her brother’s grave, the priest un-boarding the church windows and inviting police inside.

Elijah gets up and follows Hayley to the kitchen. She complains about the food not being available, wanting milk. She starts getting out things like ice cream, while complaining about the witches thinking her baby is Lucifer. Elijah takes her food choices and pulls out milk and makes her cereal. She notes she missed the milk, but Elijah wants to know about the murderous witches. Hayley tells him they are evil and doesn’t want her life linked to Sophie’s anymore. Elijah agrees that it is next on their list and Rebekah agrees as she drags the dead girl outside.

Sophie and Sabine talk about how none of the witches like Sophie and everyone is upset with Sabine’s prophecy. Two hooded men enter and knock both Sophie and Sabine out.

Rebekah is busy scrubbing up the mess from the dead girl while criticizing Klaus’ reading choice. Rebekah comments that she thinks Klaus is worried about fatherhood. Klaus tells her that is nonsense and Elijah always fixes all his problems. Elijah comes in and says that he is going use their mother’s Grimoire to help Davina control her magic and the first thing he is going to teach her is an un-linking spell to unlink Hayley and Sophie. He tells Klaus to come with him to keep Marcel distracted and Rebekah is to watch Hayley.

Marcel asks Klaus’ minion about where Klaus is staying because he was supposed to take him to a hotel, but Klaus was not staying there. He plays dumb, and Marcel talks about trust. The minion tells him there must be someone he can trust and Marcel agrees. He says that somebody used to be his best friend and walks away.

Elijah knocks on Davina’s door with some spells. She invites him in. Cami sits down for confession with the priest, who happens to be her uncle. She tells him she is there for professional help about her brother, Shawn.

Elijah and Davina discuss the spell he brought. He promises to return with another page if she can complete the one he has given her. One of her choosing, he promises.

Cami tells her Uncle K she saw the grave and it didn’t bother her. She says she’s slept like a baby. She says Marcel has been blowing her off and that she is more upset about that than her brother. Her uncle tells her to let it go if she’s been able to “turn it off.” He tells her Shawn is the only person responsible for Shawn. She asks if he honestly believes that and he says that he does. She leaves and it shows Klaus had been listening the whole time.

The last elder, Agnes, is the one who kidnapped Sophie. She tells her she won’t kill her, but she has to stop the baby from growing another day. She pulls out a big needle, and stabs Sophie in the neck while Sophie screams for her not to.

Hayley feels it and her neck is bleeding.

Elijah helps Sabine up and tells him Agnes took Sophie. Klaus chastises Elijah for it. Sabine says she won’t tell them where Agnes is because they will kill her. She says they have to have an elder to perform “powerful spells.” Elijah says it’s about the harvest and Sabine seems surprised he knows. Elijah tells her she would be extremely surprised about what he knows. Klaus then tells her their priorities for the day are to unlink Sophie and Hayley, convince Elijah he is sorry, and that is all. Elijah says Klaus is subtly tells her he doesn’t care and tells her to start talking.

Marcel enters the “garden,” the underground tunnel. He finds Thierry and tells him when he had to think of the only person he trusted, he was who he thought of, so they were going to talk about Klaus.

Rebekah brings Hayley an apple and talk about her neck. Hayley says she’s fine. Rebekah says she’s leaving. Hayley starts to feel funny.

Sophie is busted loose by Elijah and Klaus and she tells them that Agnes stuck her with a cursed object called the Needle of Sorrows. It’s meant to raise the blood temperature to kill a baby in utero. She says it will work by the night and says she saw Agnes use a similiar instrument on a “boy who killed a bunch of priests.” Klaus then becomes interested and wants to meet Agnes. Sophie says there are a thousand places she can hole up and wait it out. Elijah then says they have to unlink Hayley and Sophie now and Sophie says no. Elijah tells her they are no longer on the same side.

Marcel and Thierry talk about Klaus. He wants to know about the night that put Thierry in the garden. He says Max went straight to kill his girlfriend, Katie. Thierry was in charge of Max and told him to stop and he wouldn’t, so he stopped him. He thinks Max was compelled and that they planted the evidence. He urges Marcel to go see for himself and tells him to watch his back.

The priest is having a meeting with city officials to cover up Davina’s magic overload as a gas leak. Klaus enters and wants Agnes’ address. He tells the priest that she was the one who hexed his nephew. The priest tells Klaus they need time to discuss it. Klaus tells them they have one hour. The priest tells them to get on it for him, not for Klaus.

Sophie comes in to help Hayley keep the fever down.

Marcel walks in on Rebekah scouring through Katie’s shop. He makes a comment about their past and Rebekah shrugs him off, finds what she needs, and leaves him.

The priest gets the address where Agnes is and goes to leave when Klaus asks where he going. The priest says Klaus is early and Klaus tells him it’s a good thing he caught him. Klaus says he needs something from her before the priest kills her. Klaus tells him to bring her to the church, and in exchange he will protect Cami.

He gets Agnes to the church and gives Klaus the Needle of Sorrows. Agnes chastises the priest for making a deal with Klaus. The priest said he would deal with the devil himself if it means watching her suffer. She says the witches will make him pay. Klaus demands she undo the curse. Agnes says it doesn’t come with an off switch.

Elijah jumps in the pool with Hayley. Sophie has her drink a mixture of herbs.  She has Elijah hold her to lower her heart rate in an attempt to cool her off.

Davina works on the spell while Elijah calms Hayley. Davina completes the spell right at the time the curse would have killed Hayley’s baby. Sophie tests the link and it’s broken. Elijah and Hayley have a moment. Sophie tries to make Elijah promise not to kill Agnes. Elijah tells her he will promise her that Klaus will not Agnes and leaves to meet Klaus.

Rebekah tells Elijah she’s leaving. Elijah asks her stay, but tells her to go if she wants.

Rebekah comes to tell Marcel goodbye. Rebekah says she leaving before the “ship sinks.” Marcel tells her the “ship” isn’t going anywhere. She turns to leave and Marcel grabs her and kisses her. She tries to pull away, but ends up kissing him back. They begin to make out.

Klaus threatens Agnes and moves in to kill her. Elijah tells him to let her go and he will grant his forgiveness as long as he doesn’t make him break his word. Klaus is angry with Elijah, but let’s go. Elijah then kills everyone and tells Klaus he promised that Agnes would not die by Klaus’ hand, but he said nothing of his own. He tells Klaus and Agnes no one touches his family and then snaps Agnes’ neck. Klaus smiles in enjoyment.

Rebekah tells Marcel he hasn’t changed her bedroom. Marcel asks about the beds at the hotel. Rebekah lies and says they are fine. She asks Marcel to run away with him. Marcel tells her he will not run from the home he has built there. She tells him kings rise and fall and a home without anyone to share it with is not a home. She tells him to keep New Orleans, because she won’t be around. She leaves.

Josh, Klaus’ minion, goes looking for Klaus at his home. Marcel finds the house by following Josh. Marcel waits and knocks on the door and Hayley answers. Marcel introduces himself.

Cami is back at the bar and Klaus comes in and tells her what happened to Shawn. Klaus tells her she killed the witch. She smacks Klaus and tells him that she is going to undo what Klaus has done and then wish he had never laid eyes on her.

Marcel tells Klaus in the street he went by his house.

Elijah comes home and calls for Hayley, but can’t find her. Elijah calls Rebekah asking if she has Hayley. Klaus then enters the house and states Marcel was at the house.