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The Originals 1×05 “Sinners and Saints” Recap


By: Meagan Dunn

Davina calls Elijah honorable.

He says he is but he came for war. He refuses to feed on her and asks for an alliance. She doesn’t agree but she pricks her finger and lets Elijah taste the blood on the needle. He returns to color instead of being gray.

Klaus steals Sophie to ask about Haley almost being killed. Sophie reminds him they are linked. Sophie says Sabine told other witches about her visions. Klaus asks what vision it was. She says the baby will bring death to everyone.

Sophie talks about the harvest, a sacrificial ceremony to strengthen the link to ancestral magic. They prepared the young teenage girls for sacrifice.

Marcel calls and asks Klaus to accompany him to the bayou to check out the dead witches. He tells everyone to stay put.

Marcel plans to move Davina. Davina and Elijah hide his consciousness when Marcel comes in to tell her he is moving her. Davina shares she hates the witches because of the sacrifice.  If she doesn’t die, the witches lose their powers.

Haley and Sophie and Rebekah head out to the bayou. Rebekah tips off Klaus to stall Klaus.

Klaus pries about Davina. Marcel tells Klaus the witches and vampires used to get along. He used to sleep with Sophie. Sophie went to the priest about the Harvest. The priest tells them no. The witches hexed Cami’s brother to slowly lose his mind and that’s why he killed his fellow priests.

Davina says if she can wait out the sacrifice, all the witches will lose their magic and she will be normal. She accidentally hurts people. She says Sophie is the only one against the harvest and she protected Monique.

At the bayou, a man, who Rebekah thinks is Marcel’s informant, sees Rebekah, Sophie, and Haley. Rebekah gives Klaus a heads up.

Davina tells Elijah about the sacrifice. They told the girls they would fall asleep and be reborn. They slit their throats instead. As they got to Monique, Marcel intervened and saved them. Cami’s brother asked him to stop the harvest. They killed Monique, but Marcel saved Davina. Davina absorbed the three dead witches’ power.

Rebekah joins Marcel as Klaus goes to the restroom. Marcel promises to not tell their secret.

Klaus finds Marcel’s informant and kills him.

Elijah fixes Tim’s instrument for Davina. Receiving the instrument lets out a blast of magic. Elijah offers up the Grimoire  to help Davina control her magic in exchange for his freedom, but she can’t go with Marcel to the new place. Davina fakes an attack to get brought back to her room when Marcel comes to move her.

In a flashback, Marcel takes her to the church attic. She tells Marcel she wants the witches to pay.

Marcel and the priest get in to a fight over Davina. When Marcel refuses to move Davina, the priest tells her to stay away from Cami.

Sophie tells Haley Sabine is a drama queen, but she doesn’t know if it’s true.

Klaus provokes Marcel for tricking him with the bayou. He gets psychical and then Elijah shows up and intervenes saying he needs to be the one to teach Klaus a lesson.

Haley tells Rebekah she thinks she’s connected to the wolves in the bayou. She is looking for her birth parents out there. Rebekah tells her she was there for her. Klaus comes in with Elijah. This overjoys Rebekah.  Elijah goes to Haley. She slaps him for not keeping his promise although she is clearly glad to see him.

Elijah tells them the entire fight was really over Davina and the reason they lured Klaus is to help them kill Davina.

Flashback, Sophie and Jane Anne talk about searching for Davina to kill her to bring Monique back.

Elijah says this makes Sophie more dangerous than anyone.