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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: “Sk8er Man”

mindy project sk8er man

After a week long break to tide us over, we’re back with this episode – dealing with Jeremy’s daddy issues and Mindy’s problem with trying to prove a point.

As Mindy’s getting her bear claw before work, she gets run over by Timothy Olyphant on a skateboard. Well, not Timothy Olyphant, but Graham Logan, the Sk8er Man, who she mistakes for being a teenager, but in reality, he’s 40. He does a skateboarding trick to show off and at first Mindy seems into him, until he says, “Did you see that? That’s how good I am at sex.”

Later that night, Mindy and Danny are at an engagement dinner party talking to another guest star, Vanessa Bayer, who plays the incredibly boring Mary. She can’t stop talking about hummus. There’s another dilemma with the assigned seating when Mindy gets put at the couples’ table because she’s too picky. She goes to Danny, at the singles’ table, to complain to him and he agrees – she’s too picky.

The next morning at work, yet another guest star, Alan Dale, pops up playing Jeremy’s critical father. He immediately hits it off with Peter after he does an impression of “Jer Bear” as a little baby. Mr. Reed invites Peter to go out to dinner with them, much to Jeremy’s disappointment.

Mindy comes into the office to complain about Danny’s opinion of her that she’s too picky, but the office ends up agreeing with him. She ends up looking for Graham at all the “loser-iest places she could find” until she finds him at a skating rink to ask him out. They agree to go out later tonight, but only if they don’t eat Italian (but Danny!), Chinese, or Indian food. And Mindy says she’s not picky.

That night, she texts Danny about her date with Sk8er Man, trying to show that she’s not picky. Danny doesn’t think it’ll last 10 minutes, “LOL! Lots of laughs!” Oh, Danny.

At Jeremy’s dinner, Mr. Reed’s liking of Peter gets worse as he starts to compare Jeremy to Peter. Jeremy’s so agitated that he starts to eat more and more, hence adding more to the stomach that his father keeps criticizing.

After a little burrito date with Graham, it seems that Mindy’s completely not into him after their talk on why he thinks health insurance isn’t necessary. While waiting for the subway, Mindy accidentally drops her phone into the train tracks and Graham valiantly dives in to grab it for her even though the subway’s coming right at him. To thank him, she kisses him… even though she definitely wasn’t into him before.

The next morning at the office, Jeremy asks Peter how the rest of the night went with his dad. Apparently, he was ditched by his dad sometime during the evening. Mr. Reed and Peter ended up going to an Indian resort and lost $5000.

Mindy rides into the office on a skateboard while wearing a helmet and arm pads. She starts bragging to Danny about how she’s dating a skateboarder now and even invites him on a double date with the boring Mary.

They end up going to a sushi place together. As Mary’s life seems to be a little interesting in the conversation, as she used to live in Japan, it quickly gets boring again when she insists on texting her mother the precise years she lived there. Danny quickly moves the conversation along to asking about the pregnant mermaid tattoo Graham has. Mindy also tries to interject and change the subject until Graham explains the time in which he actually saw a pregnant mermaid.

Back at the office, Jeremy and Peter are giving their birthing class to a group of expecting couples. Peter keeps making the audience laugh, while making Jeremy more jealous and furious. Jeremy ends up breaking a baby doll’s leg in his anger, leading Peter to take him outside of the room to talk to him.

At the sushi place, Graham comes up with the brilliant idea to dine and dash, which Mindy and Danny are not entirely comfortable with, but end up doing, but not before Danny has a conversation with Mindy privately. Danny suggests she take up online dating. (He never agrees with who she dates.)

They run to an alley being blocked by a fence. Graham, Mary, and Danny are able to jump over, but Mindy ends up getting stuck through the gate door. She breaks up with Graham and he rides off on his skateboard.

Outside of Mary’s apartment, Danny falls asleep while listening to Mary go on and on about who knows what. He even dozes off when she kisses him. She notices and she, I guess, “breaks up” with him because she needs someone with more personality.

Peter ends up telling Jeremy that he shouldn’t be ashamed because he’s overcome a lot since coming to America. The person who should be ashamed is Mr. Reed because he was hanging out with some prostitutes the night of the dinner.

Mindy and Danny both end up back at the sushi place and end up agreeing that they both were dating those losers to prove a point. What they don’t realize is that they’re pretty much on a date themselves. There will be a lot more Danny/Mindy next week. Until then…

Memorable Quotes

“I’m not picky, I just have standards!” – Mindy

“My frat boy, Hit-and-Ron” – Peter

“I give it ten minutes! LOL! Lots of laughs!” – Danny

“That has like 8 years of photos in it! All my selfies!” –Mindy

“The only thing picky about me are my scabs.” – Mindy

“I don’t have the bells and whistles phone plan with 9 minutes. I don’t have it.” – Danny

“Tell Mary to bring a personality.”
“I will. I won’t! Great, now you’ve got me too worked up to eat my muffin.” – Mindy and Danny

Danny eats sushi with a fork. What a man.

“My name is Morgan, I’m here to name your babies. Grover. John. Grover.” – Morgan

Mindy’s miming of cutting herself and dying.

Danny’s spiderman-crawling over the fence.

“I am a woman of science and you are a man of non-sci, actually nonsense.” – Mindy

“I B to D. I beg to diff.” – Peter