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Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 1×05 “Heart of Stone” Recap


Alice finds herself in collusion with the Red Queen, while Jafar enlists the help of the White Rabbit to discover more about Alice’s weaknesses.

There’s more backstory on Will and The Red Queen aka Anastasia, Cyrus is set to attempt his escape from Jafar and Will is still a statue – that about sums up this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Against Alice’s better judgment, she makes a deal with the Red Queen – if Alice helps her find magic dust then she will tell her where Cyrus is being held. Alice, desperate and feeling alone with Will turned into a statue, begrudgingly agrees to team up with the Red Queen.

In a flashback, the Red Queen (Anastasia) and Will make their way to Wonderland. Before they leap through the portal, courtesy of the looking glass, Anastasia and Will are discovered by her mother. Anastasia has some real issues with her mother. Her mother all but says she is a big disappointment and if she returns from her jaunt to Wonderland she should bring a bucket because she will be cleaning out her mother’s bed pan – which means she will treat her like a servant not a daughter.

Wonderland isn’t as wonderful as Will and Anastasia dreamed. Their situation isn’t much better there than where they originally were. They are starving and without much hope. A ball at the palace draws their attention; after stealing clothes, they crash the party.

The difference in ambition is very evident between Will and Anastasia at the palace ball. Anastasia is seduced by the wealth and a spark is struck between her and what turns out to be the king. Just as Anastasia is settling into her role play of a rich lady, Will is caught stealing bread and Anastasia is called out for wearing a stolen gown of one of the guests. Will is happy to be thrown out because he has stolen loaves of bread but you can see Anastasia’s aspirations are much higher.

In the present Wonderland, the Red Queen takes Alice to a ravine and explains the magic dust is across the wide expanse. She reveals only the purest of heart can take the leap – which leaves the Red Queen out. Alice believes it is a leap of faith and starts her journey across the ravine. She gets two steps and then falls to what appears is her apparent death.

But Alice isn’t dead. She lands in a cavern where she comes face-to-face with her young self. The younger Alice is a worse for wears with a tattered dress and matted hair. She says Alice had more than one dream when she left Wonderland, not only to see Cyrus again but to avenge his once apparent death. The little Alice offers adult Alice a chance at revenge when she forces the Red Queen to fall into the cavern with them.

Goaded by young Alice, adult Alice is faced with the chance to kill the Red Queen. She lifts her sword and the Red Queen thinks she has met her demise, as her magic doesn’t work in the cavern, but Alice doesn’t kill her. It turns out it was all a test and Alice proves she does have a pure heart and the magic dust is revealed.

Of course, the Red Queen doesn’t have a pure heart and always take what opportunity offers her. It is first revealed when Anastasia talks Will into attempting to steal the crown jewels after seeing them in the palace. With Will waiting for her, she is caught by the King – he is in lust with her and has been looking for a queen. He offers her an opportunity – instead of taking the jewels take his hand in marriage and become queen. Will is forgotten as Anastasia accepts his offer; he learns of her new role when she is introduced to the subjects as the new queen.

The Red Queen proves the depths of her betrayal as she takes the magic dust from Alice only to reveal she doesn’t know where Cyrus is being held. This leaves Alice seemingly empty-handed. But Alice is crafty, and she kept a handful of the magic dust for herself.

As Cyrus completes his plan to escape Jafar’s clutches, Jafar is trying to find out more about Alice. He captures the White Rabbit to learn more since he has known Alice since she was a child. Providing added motivation, Jafar cuts off one of the White Rabbit’s feet and tells him he has a minute to tell him or the act cannot be reversed. It isn’t revealed exactly who the White Rabbit says Alice cares for besides Cyrus and Will but the person doesn’t live in Wonderland.

The White Rabbit gets away from Jafar after he gives him back his foot and runs into Cyrus as he is escaping as well. The White Rabbit tells Cyrus to run and find Alice. Meanwhile, Alice uses the magic dust to unveil Jafar’s palace.

As Alice stands on the cliff looking to where Cyrus is, Cyrus is standing at the precipice of Jafar’s Castle – both promising to find the other.

Proving that she does have a bit of compassion and love remaining in her heart, the Red Queen uses the magic dust to turn Will back to his human self. He is a statue no more.