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Kosha Dillz Teams Up With Murs, Gangsta Boo on “Where My Homies At”

kosha dillz

By Afroxander

There’s a good reason why Kosha Dillz’s latest album is titled Awkward In A Good Way. The New Jersey-born rapper doesn’t fit any pre-fabricated mold in hip-hop music thanks to his focus on Judaism which, like his peer Matisyahu, he wears on his sleeve (and neck, at least in this video).

His rhymes aren’t always serious but they’re not exactly goofy or silly either. In fact, I think describing him as the Del The Funky Homosapien to Matisyahu’s Ice Cube wouldn’t be too far off.

Dillz (who famously hosted the first ever Hip-Hop Seder at Paid Dues Festival last year) released his latest album in early November and already has two singles out. His latest is “Where My Homies At” featuring Gangsta Boo (of Three 6 Mafia fame) and Murs (Living Legends, The Invincibles, The White Mandingos). It’s something of a rare and odd collaboration. You could say it’s awkward… in a good way.

The real star of the track is the special effects used in the video. The rappers were shot in front of a green screen and were doubled, mirrored, negative-colored, and a whole slew of other effects from the psychedelic acid trip playbook. There are also some great scenes where Dillz raps while standing in Christina Hendricks’s cleavage, Gangsta Boo’s head is superimposed on Tony Hawk (?) and Murs does a great impression of an Easter Island statue. All this while Dillz raps about eating not eating pork, Boo calls herself a hipster, and Murs drops rhymes about being a rapper who is also a responsible father.

It’s fun and slightly silly.