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Haven 4×11 “Shot in the Dark” Recap

A paranormal and ghost hunting film crew has come to Haven. Why did it take someone so long?

The two men hacked into Dave and Vince’s files at the Haven Herald and are on the case; this time the trouble in Haven is a werewolf type monster that is tearing out people’s hearts and eating them.

Needless to say Dwight, Nathan and Duke are not happy with the film crew. They don’t want the “Troubles” being exposed to the world, not only bringing curious on lookers but also the men in black suits.

Nathan not only has to worry about the film crew, but is also sick with worry about Audrey. In the previous episode’s ending, Nathan shot William and the wound also appeared on Audrey. Just like William said, he and Audrey are connected.

Audrey is getting set to go into surgery to repair the damage caused by the phantom bullet and William is sedated. Nathan suggests they keep William sedated forever, and he would be willing to provide the drugs to keep him under.

After Audrey urges Nathan to look for the mystery monster, while she goes under the knife, they hunt is on to find the monster and evade the camera crew. Dwight also asks Jennifer to hack into the cloud device where the camera crew has uploaded their footage of the monster in hopes of acquiring it.

The medical examiner has also extracted some thicker type blood for the monster and they hope to try and find the monster whom they assume is a troubled person.

As the search continues, Dwight forms an accord with one of the young paranormal hunters and they discover one of his devices can detect when the monster is near. Meanwhile, when Duke and Nathan go in search of Jennifer they find her missing and the Haven Herald offices ransacked.

They discover that all the people murdered by the monster were born on June 12, 1981. That is also Jennifer’s birthday and now she is missing as well.

When Audrey wakes up from her surgery she hears beeping notices and realizes William has escaped. She also discovers her bullet wound, and surgery site, are gone. It was like she was never shot.

With Audrey back to fighting form she goes off with Duke and Nathan to find Jennifer. All the parties involved convene in an abandoned building where they find Jennifer.

It is there Audrey notices Jennifer is holding a book titled “Unstake My Heart.” It was the same book Audrey gave to Agent Howard before she left to come to Haven. Jennifer said she found the book in a box of items from her birth parents.

Of course this is when the monster shows up and every one begins to scramble. The guys try and divert the monster away from Jennifer because they believe William has sent the monster to kill her – he has killed everyone with her birthday through the monster.

In the end, it is Jennifer who saves herself. Audrey tells Jennifer that she and the book are connected and they need it. Jennifer has dropped the book and goes back to retrieve it when the monster corners her. When the monster attempts to attack her it bursts into a million pieces and disappears.

In the end, the paranormal film crew decides not to release their footage. They understand the work people are doing to save the troubled people and respect that.

As for Jennifer, she now sees the “guard” symbol on the book – she is the only one who sees it. Turns out, Jennifer may be the only person who can open a door to some unknown place and send William there – away from Haven.

The season finale is fast approaching and it will be interesting to see how this story arc ends up, who exactly Audrey is, and what she has done to cause the penance she has been paying all these years.