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Haven 4×09 “William” Recap


The previous episode ended with a gunshot. Did Audrey shoot Nathan in hopes of ending the troubles?

No, she did not. She fired her gun at one of the two shadowy figures that were after her in the barn and now seemingly amplifying the Troubles in Haven.

Duke, Jennifer, Vince and Dave rush into Audrey’s apartment after the gun shot and they all run after the intruder. Amidst this, Dwight is kidnapped by the second of the shadowy dudes.

The Haven gang head out to rescue Dwight after he attempts to escape and in the rush to subdue him, he is able to call Nathan so they can pinpoint where Dwight is. When they rush the place where Dwight is being held, they subdue the shadowy guys who were in the barn with Audrey and also discover William locked in a room with his head covered.

Nathan and Dwight attempt to interrogate the two men while Audrey is shocked to learn William doesn’t remember her, in fact he doesn’t remember anything, not even his name.

As the two men are being interrogated, the slighter man seems to split a black plastic orb into Dwight and Nathan’s ear. “The Trouble” causes paranoia in Dwight and Nathan. Dwight believes the suggestion by the man that there is a killer in the midst and Nathan begins to believe that Audrey has feelings for William.

Jennifer also becomes affected with the supposed “Trouble” when she and Duke go see the bigger of the two shadowy guys and he puts one of the black gooey orbs in her as well. Her paranoia is two pronged – she believes Duke and others think she is still crazy and also Duke is in love with Audrey and doesn’t care for her.

Dwight goes after Duke as he believes Duke might be the killer the one guy warned him about. Duke takes Duke out to the grave site where he buried his brother and Dwight believes Duke might still be the killer and not his brother.

Also, Nathan is playing the role of the jealousy boyfriend, accusing Audrey of having a “thing” for William.

Audrey is lost at all the craziness going on. With Dwight brining Duke into the station in handcuffs, Nathan threatening William and Jennifer accusing Audrey of everyone being in love with her,  making her head swim.

The two men, that were in the barn with Audrey, say they had been holding William because they believe he knew where a mysterious box is they are looking for. As Audrey again tries to interrogate the slighter man with the glasses, William bursts in and tries to get him to talk. Audrey rushes him out and as they touch, a charge goes off – like an electric charge.

After the electric contact, William seems to start remember and also admits he knows where the box is. Unfortunately one of the men hear it, and then the larger man seemingly vanishes out of holding.

William and Audrey rush to get the box, but first have to face the craziness of Nathan, Dwight and Jennifer. When those three are subdued thanks to Duke’s help, Audrey and William are off.

Here is where things make a turn. William, who seems to only want to help Audrey, both in the barn and now in Haven, isn’t who he seems. The mystery deepens when Audrey realizes William isn’t who he seems. He never lost his memory, in fact he knows exactly who he is and he wants Audrey to remember who she is as well.

Wait, we know Audrey isn’t really Audrey or maybe not even the other two incarnations we think she is. But she could be someone else entirely?

William talks Audrey into opening the black box after finding it and it reveals a beautiful flower. William tells her they used to be in love and the meadow they are in used to be one of their favorite places. Audrey states she would never love him and the flower disappears to morph into the black gooey orbs that are affecting Dwight, Nathan and Jennifer.

William reveals the two men they were chasing work for him. He calls back the black gooey orbs to the box, saying he is disappointed that Audrey doesn’t remember who she really is and she loves him. He thought the electric charge they shared, and the barn imploding, would bring her back to him, but it didn’t.

Calling back the black orbs brings Nathan, Dwight and Jennifer back to normal and Nathan races after Audrey.

The last thing Audrey remembers is being touched by William as she says she would never love him. The episode ends with a confused Audrey being consoled by Nathan after he finds her.

So, who really is Audrey? Who is William to her and how long ago did they love each other. Haven started out slow this season but it really is doing a great job of building an intriguing mystery as the season winds down.