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Doctor Who 6×04 “The Doctor’s Wife” Review


While traveling in the TARDIS with Rory and Amy, the Doctor hears a knock on the TARDIS doors. Bewildered and no doubt curious, he answers, only to be presented with a mysterious box which carries a distress signal.

Believing it to be from a fellow Time Lord, the cosmic nomad whisks himself and his companions outside the boundaries of the universe on what should be a rescue mission. But what everyone finds is a dark Junk-yard planet populated by the bizarre Auntie, Uncle and Nephew. Last and not least among the strange inhabitants is a mentally unstable woman that goes by the name of Idris who may or may not be “The Doctor’s Wife”. (Synopsis by garykmcd of IMDB)

Since series six features an overarching plot about trying to change a fixed point in time, I figured it would be best to take a look back at these episodes by picking a moment from each episode that I would like to change. To be fair, I’ll also choose a moment from each episode that I wouldn’t change for any reason whatsoever, even if some nefarious character was holding a gun to my future nonexistent spawn’s head.

What I Would Change: Make the TARDIS Interesting

This is a small quibble in an excellent episode, and will eventually be rectified in series 7, but the inside of the TARDIS is pretty boring in this episode. Yes, I get that most of what Amy and Rory experience while on board are hallucinations, but little glimpses of what the TARDIS is capable of would have been interesting. Rip Van Winkle Rory in the crazy library the Doctor’s got on board instead of that random hallway? Yes please!

What I Wouldn’t Change: Just About Anything Else

This episode has so many great characters, is crazy and awe-inspiring, and moves at whip-cracking speeds.

Idris in particular is a standout character. While I haven’t watched the show since the beginning, there are definitely fans out there who have seen as much Nu and Classic Who to fully appreciate just how groundbreaking having the TARDIS in human form was. I’m a relatively new fan, and even I found it amazing and jaw-droppingly awesome.

On a completely superficial note, the makeshift TARDIS is pretty awesome, too. Flying through time in a spaceship that doesn’t have four walls would be terrifying, but in the hands of those two, it just looks like they’re going for a joyride in a plane.