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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×07 “48 Hours” Recap


By Tim O’Halloran

Well, that week break without some sweet, sweet Brooklyn Nine-Nine was a long week but they came back with a bang. In this week’s episode, BK99 pulls out a classic sitcom structure, the “bottle episode”.

The gang has 48 hours to get sufficient evidence on a pre-emptive arrest that Jake made on a criminal he caught before, played by Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi.

The episode begins with the reveal that one of Jake’s old arrests has been released from Rikers and it appears that he has committed another crime with the same MO. Captain Holt asks if he has gotten the evidence to arrest him. Turns out Jake already has… with none percent evidence. The Captain makes everyone stay through the weekend to help solve the case. They only have 48 hours until they have to release the perp and face a hefty lawsuit.

From here, the episode dives into the other storylines. Terry has been pulling back-to-back double shifts and is refusing to go to sleep. He even fell asleep mid pull-up. Then we have the battle of the pies between Rosa and Gina, with Charles in the middle of course. Charles doesn’t want to lie to Rosa because he is devastatingly desperate for her approval.

Jake is using every trick in the book to make his guy talk – including some sonic torture in the form of awful guitar playing and singing that sounded like what I imagine an Insane Clown Posse song sounds like if you played it backwards.

What is great about bottle episodes, and what this episode did fairly well, is it makes everyone interact constantly. It means we got a lot more Jake and Amy time. We found out that Amy has to wear these giant ugly glasses when she’s not wearing contacts, and that she’s having a hard time balancing dating with her job. This, combined with Terry’s fear of his brother-in-law, helped ground the episode in a way that we haven’t seen before from the show.

Nearing the end of the episode, the gang is exhausted, and they only have 40 minutes before they lose the case. Then, after having looked at pictures over and over again, Jake finally figures out that his guy worked with one of his friends from prison to pull of the theft from the jewelry store. Jake then offers to pull a shift for everyone (except for Amy) to make it up to them. The Captain helps Terry out with his family situation by spinning this crazy story. He even downloaded some whale sounds to help Terry pass out on his couch.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the show is at its best when everyone gets to play together and this episode utilized it to the fullest. We also got to see some great relationship building between Jake and Amy. Their friendship is really starting to blossom as Jake becomes, ever so slowly, more of a team player. They’re doing a great job at mixing silliness with the right amount of heart.

The pie tasting storyline was the weakest part of the episode, and didn’t do too much in the joke department. It also did very little in terms of character. They’ve established that Charles is trying to get Rosa on a date and she just won’t have it. For the most part they can get that across in a joke here or there during an episode but they don’t need to devote entire plot lines to it. At least not as often as they have been.

Also, props to Kid Cudi. He did a great turn as the former perp. Bravo, sir.

Memorable Quotes

Rose: “My ideal date is cheap dinner, watch some basketball, and bone down.”

Jake: “You’ve changed, man! You used to go straight to prison!”

Gina: “Girls don’t like it when a guy lies to them. Except me. But I’m wired to thrive on dysfunction.”

Gina: “Put it in the suck it bucket!”

Terry: “I still did twenty five pull-ups on muscle memory alone. Sleepy Terry still gets after it.”

Rating: B+