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America’s Next Top Model 20×16 “Finale, Part 2: The Guy or Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model” Recap


By Angelica Consuelo Valera

The battle for the title of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 20 (2.0 — Guys & Girls) has finally ended. It was certainly neck and neck as Part 2 of the finale played on, but one contestant this evening had just a little more edge over the other. Stay tuned to find out who and why!

That aside, tonight’s finale began with the immediate elimination of one of the three finalists. You get picked to walk the runway, only to find out you’re not in the running anymore. Seriously, that sucked. But it is what it is.

Naturally, Jourdan got top photo. Figures, right Jourdan? Of course, it’s even more nerve-wrecking than ever as the numbers rolled. Everyone stood there in trepidation, wondering who wouldn’t be a finalist anymore. The seconds ticked by, and finally, it stopped… then highlighted Cory. Oh dear. Honestly, maybe America wasn’t ready for him yet? I mean, that’s not my opinion, though… I actually thought he was great. But yes, unfortunately… Marvin had more active fans.

Next thing, Tyra offered her words of encouragement to a disheartened Cory. But the guy’s a fighter, so he eventually got it together after his support team gave him some love as well as last cycle’s winner, Laura James, offered her share of love as well.

Soon after, runway started. I’d have to say, they all improved their walks. Not tremendously, but enough not to look like complete amateurs. Funny how Cory got eliminated right before it, yet delivered a fine, fierce walk. Have to show them what they missed out on, right? In fact, I might’ve enjoyed his performance more than Marvin’s. To me, Marvin looked slightly stiff. I don’t believe I’m being biased, but to me, I didn’t feel the oomph from him as much as I did Cory. I’ll give him more credit though on his second walk, though, considering his vibe was better.

However, Jourdan FINALLY showed everyone that she isn’t all talk after all on the runway. She was, hands down, the fiercest walker. There was fire oozing out of that walk — her legs were strong, gorgeous and glowing… had her hands on her hips, she was smizing and just generally had the right kind of attitude. She totally worked it. She was naturally stunning. My eyes were definitely glued to her every time she came out.

The only drawback to her performance was during her second walk. She had quite a long train to deal with on the piece she was modeling, and because of the weight and length of that train, she slightly tripped on it. Luckily for her, it wasn’t too noticeable and she bounced back immediately ever so gracefully. All she did was adjust the dress accordingly and she stomped right back to the end. Brava, Jourdan!

Unfortunately, she couldn’t fully let it go and whined about it backstage to Marvin and some of the contestants around her. And figures, Marvin would provide snide remarks about it. He’s like, sucks for you, but win for me! Ohhh Marvin, speaking so soon? Adoringly, Cory was soaking up the experience despite the loss. There was no being a Debbie Downer for that guy!

Also, the second part of the runway corresponded to the Guess campaign they shot previously so the video that was created for it played in the background while the three “reenacted” the story that transpired in the campaign. Again, Marvin was the secret lover/savior to Jourdan’s helpless, abused character by Cory’s controlling, tormenting ways. One thing I did notice about Jourdan’s performance was when she proceeded to fight Cory’s character back by pushing him to the ground and stealing the camera away from Rob Evans’ character to retaliate, her stature was a bit odd. As she snapped away at Cory pretending to writhe from “pain” on the ground, she was hunched over, losing the model a bit.

Otherwise, she was still the best one of the three.

They then stomped it out, upon returning backstage and were able to breathe a sigh of relief that it was over and done with — *whew!*

The following day was their last photo shoot. This time, Jourdan and Marvin had a lovely treat awaiting them in the form of Tyra herself taking over camera duties. Both of them were super excited to have Tyra impart her words of wisdom, her makeup skills and photo shoot direction. For their last shoot, they each sported  underwear/a bikini and had symbolic lines painted on them. From what I took from the intention of the shoot was that it was spiritual, raw and powerful, as they posed within this bamboo-type grove.

According to Tyra, the two did very well and have grown leaps and bounds from when they first started. Wellll… I would hope so, Tyra! After Tyra finished photographing them both, the two received wonderful, tight Momma hugs from her and then she went on her merry way. She left the two to talk and wish each other good luck before heading back to the house.

Now, we’re at panel. It’s the moment everyone been’s waiting for — who will be “crowned” this cycle’s Top Model? Will tradition finally get broken or is it still too early for a guy to take the cake this time? During panel, Jourdan and Marvin are dressed in their runway outfits to commemorate the occasion. Tyra commented about the anxiety exuding from the two of them and of course, they could only force a smile, likely thinking, no sh*t!

In typical fashion, she stated the prizes, reintroduced the judges and brought out their cumulative work for the cycle. As usual, the judges went over each photo and commented with their overall thoughts, provided they changed or should be repeated/emphasized. The judges recognized both Jourdan and Marvin’s strengths and weaknesses in each photo to inform them for future reference. Then came the runway performance. Although Marvin indeed improve his walk and presence, Jourdan was the clear winner.

Cutrone could not stop praising her, and Tyra echoed the same sentiments yet she did notice Jourdan’s odd stature during the reenactment of the Guess campaign. Thus, she explained to Jourdan that if she had changed this or that a bit, she wouldn’t have lost the “model.” Rather, she was acting more than modeling. Otherwise, she was surely a force to be reckoned with, and it’s clear as to why she’s part of the final two.

Marvin definitely had his share of praise, but they couldn’t deny Jourdan was still better. So, the numerous times she bragged about the runway being her thing, she proved it at last. Although technically, the situation was slightly different — it was a make it or break it moment. No do-overs. You fall once and it could be over.

After judging, the two left so panel could deliberate further. Sure enough, it was tough for them. You had all of them stating the pros and cons of both contestant, but it was still hard to agree on who would be better for the industry. Evans said Marvin is fresh and should be the winner, countering that Jourdan isn’t exactly new, plus not many guys get these types of opportunities. He also noted Marvin’s personality compared to Jourdan’s. Cutrone insisted that in the industry, it’s not really about your gender, but whether or not you can ring in the dough. Clients want money and they want a model that will get down to business. It also doesn’t matter too much what type of personality you have, except that you go in and work it.

Basically, Jourdan is a model and Marvin’s lovable, new and improved. So what wins out in the end? The girl that knows her stuff or the guy that does enough and sometimes better and has an arguably charming personality to boot?

After much deliberation, Tyra looked frantically to her fellow judges for help in deciding quickly, and questions, “So WHO is it?” Before momentarily cutting to the results, Cutrone was shown giving Tyra an uncertain expression.

Minutes later, enter Jourdan and Marvin, who are shockingly holding hands. But at this point, it’s civil to offer each other some support considering only one can win. Tyra then asked, “Ready guys?” All they both could muster were nervous stares.

And one last time, the numbers started to roll. It was so nerve-wrecking that I was even biting on my knuckle a little wondering if tradition would break this cycle. I kept thinking that perhaps Marvin had it this time because of his social media following, but was still unsure because I know Jourdan’s work has impressed  people as well. So as soon as Marvin’s name was highlighted, I wasn’t really surprised. I suppose it’s safe to say that social media does know what it wants now, or rather, realizes it’s first and foremost a modeling competition.

Yes, popularity is involved but the public is not yet ready for change. Maybe next time a guy will come out on top? On that note, congratulations Jourdan! But my two cents? No need to repeat that you’ve been an abused wife… we KNOW. As disheartening as it is to hear, it gets old fast.

Do I think she deserved the win? Yes, I do. She was the most consistent contestant and if I can recall, the most modeling experience. It showed. Like what Tyra advised to “Starvin’ Marvin” (his ANTM house nickname), he “needs a little more time to go from boy to guy.”

Annddd that’s a wrap for America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 20!