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What To Watch Tonight: Sunday, October 27th


The Good Wife | 9PM on CBS

Tonight’s episode is called “Hitting the Fan” because shit. just. got. real. at Lockhart & Gardner. I’m not kidding when I say that this season of The Good Wife has been the most compelling hour of television all week for me. It’s that good. And it’s all thanks to the storyline involving Alicia and Cary’s plans to set up their own law firm – Florrick, Agos & Associates – right under the noses of their bosses at Lockhart & Gardner.

This storyline is no joke and it’s going to have huge ramifications for everyone involved. And that’s what makes it so damn great. “Hitting the Fan” is going to be especially drama-filled and entertaining because last week’s episode ended with Diane figuring everything out and telling Will about Alicia’s plans. On tonight’s episode, we get to see the fallout.

The Walking Dead | 9PM on AMC

Last week left off with Tyreese and the others discovering the burned bodies of Karen and two other prison survivors. As if a zombie apocalypse and a lunatic Governor on the loose wasn’t enough for them to worry about, there’s a flu going around that’s leaving people dead and the others vulnerable to walker attacks when they least expect it. Tonight’s episode, “Infected,” sees Rick & co. continue to deal with these problems.

Masters of Sex | 10PM on Showtime

Masters of Sex, starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, has had its lows and highs – with a very strong pilot and some so-so episodes thereafter. The series, which takes places in the ’60s, is based on the lives of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson and their research into sex. If nothing else, watch for Lizzy Caplan! She’s amazing in this.

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