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The Originals 1×03 “Tangled Up In Blue” Recap


Haley is reading through Elijah’s diary from the past as he talks about how his siblings are changing with their immortality. Rebekah has begun to lose interest in mortality and he fears that Klaus will be the end of their legacy as they slip into darkness. Elijah hopes to save them.

Rebecca is talking to Klaus in the other room about not saving the vampires for her to kill. She talks about how much she loves setting things on fire. Haley walks in on Klaus and  Rebecca and asks what the plan is. He responds about world domination and states Rebecca’s plan is to find true love. Haley says that she wants to know about the plan to rescue Elijah from Marcel, Klaus’ mortal enemy.

Klaus tells her that he is not his mortal enemy but he is planning to sabotage him and he does not know it, but they are friends nonetheless. He says he wouldn’t have handed him over if he had known that Marcel was going to give him to a nasty teenage witch. Rebecca told Haley that their plan is simply to ask for him back. Haley asks if that’s the only plan. Rebecca tells her that Klaus always has a plan and  that he’s diabolical. Haley asked what is Plan B. He tells her war.

Marcel is being fitted for suit. The two dead teenagers news story comes on the TV. Marcel’s minion tells him that he is made up a story about them. Marcel tells him that’s good. The minion then says that he says he sent four nightwalkers to check on a werewolf sighting and they never came back. Marcel says that’s 10 nightwalkers The last week. Marcel asks if the werewolves have returned to start trouble . The minions thinks its The Originals. Klaus enters the room. Teairy and Klaus begin to squabble about Klaus having free reign. Klaus mentions that it’s his old house. Marcel tells them to get along because Klaus is his sire and oldest friend and Teairy is in his inner circle.

Marcel asks him what he needs. He asks for the return of Elijah. Teairy says no because they don’t need three originals walking around. He then says Rebecca killed the nightwalkers. Klaus asks if that’s an accusation. They go after each other. Marcel steps in. He and Klaus walk away. Klaus says Teairy has no sense of humor. Marcel says he’s just loyal to a fault. Marcel asked if Klaus will be at the party tonight. Klaus asks how can he miss the City Councilman excepting a large check from Marcel. Marcel calls the councilman a schmuck, but lets them do what they want for trades like keeping their fangs out of the locals. Marcel won’t give Elijah back.

Klaus calls Rebecca and asked her if she knows what to do about the witch. She says she thinks so when she’s in front of a voodoo shop.

Klaus in an empty room with the newest vampire who is stabbing the one vamp they didn’t kill from the last episode with a knife. Klaus asks him what he is doing when he told him to drain him of blood. He says he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Klaus compels the new vamp to stab the vamp. The newbie asks Klaus what happened. He explains that it is mind control. He says the Originals can control vampires and humans. And vampires can control humans. He then explains to Joshua (the newbie) that they are draining the vamp of blood because he takes Brivane which prevents compulsion.

Rebecca waits for Sophie to meet her at the shop. When Sophie approaches her, Rebecca tells her that Haley was attacked in the quarter. She looks at the shop and says this is the only stop that Haley made, so whoever helped her was the one that told Marcel that she was in the quarter. She then tell Sophie tell watch and learn she enters the shop. She slams Katie up against the wall who is the one that told and demands to know what she did. She chokes Katie until she admits the truth and says that she only told because she was in love. Rebekah tortures the who out of her and then calls Klaus.

Klaus answers and Rebekah tells him the witch is a nobody, but she is in love with Teairy. Marcel’s right hand man. Klaus says that Teairy just became the key to their entire plan.

Sophie is meeting with Rebekah and Klaus and they want her to do a locator spell. She refuses because she will get caught. Klaus says he knows how they caught and he is upset she didn’t tell him about her. Sophie looks surprised as Rebekah is describing her and Sophie says her name, Davina. Sophie asks where they have seen her. Rebekah says her memory was wiped so she doesn’t know.

Klaus and Rebekah then tell her they will have Katie perform a more powerful spell while Sophie performs the locator spell, so Sophie doesn’t caught. Sophie doesn’t want to sacrifice Katie, but Klaus tells her you need sacrifices to win a war. Klaus helps Sophie connect Katie to her sister’s murder.

Klaus and Marcel talk about Teairy. Klaus scrutinizes Marcel for letting him fraternize with the enemy. Marcel says he doesn’t jeopardize anything and he gets good intel from it. Klaus puts the idea in Marcel’s head that it could have been the witches who sent the message about the werewolf to trick the vamps into coming out and killing them. Marcel tells Teairy to send them a message and make it nasty.

Rebekah is in the bar with Cami. Rebekah asks if she and Marcel are dating. Cami says that more of a woeing. Rebekah tells her she had someone like that that she was on again off again with. Rebekah says she likes her and then invites her to Marcel’s party without telling her Marcel is the host.

Klaus and Rebekah talk about their plan to motivate Katie to do magic. As the vamps are destroying the witches’ areas, Teairy goes in to protect Katie. The vamp that Klaus was stabbing goes in after Teairy leaves Katie’s shop to kill her. Teairy sees them and kills him. Teairy has then broken the law and Katie would have to cast a powerful spell to save him.

Rebekah and Klaus enter the party and see Cami. Klaus asks why she is there and Rebekah asks if there is a better distraction than the one Marcel is pining after. They approach her and tell her she looks lovely and Marcel sees them. Marcel approaches Rebekah at the bar as Cami and Klaus watch. Cami says that she thinks Marcel is the on again off again she was talking about and calls her a bitch. Klaus laughs and says Rebekah invented it. Marcel approaches Cami and Klaus leaves. Cami and Marcel talk.

Haley is alone by the pool and she notices a wolf watching her. A witch named Sabine approaches and says Sophie sent her to keep Haley company. She tells Haley the wolf is drawn to her because of the baby. Haley says Elijah thinks the baby will make them a big happy family. Haley and Sabine talk about doing a trick to find out the gender.

Back at the party, Cami and Marcel are dancing. One his vamps enter and tells him what Teairy did. Teairy walks in to accept his punishment and Marcel chokes him in front of Cami. The other vamp tells him not here and pulls him off. Cami sees everything.

Sophie talks Katie into doing the magic to save Teairy while she “saves their people.” It wakes Davina from her sleep and she says, “Marcel. Something is coming.”

Cami watches Marcel interrogating Teairy. Joshua, Klaus’ vamp, approaches with a piece of paper Klaus made to fool Marcel. It is a spell for daylight rings that Marcel had locked up. Joshua claims they found it at Katie’s place. Marcel accuses Teairy of wanting to run off with Katie and make a kingdom of their own. Marcels sentences him to “100 years in the garden.”

Sophie is setting up for her locator spell as Rebekah approaches. Katie walks towards Marcel and Teairy as they exit the party. She sends them to the ground with her magic, while Davina tries to save him from her room. She is unsuccessful in giving Marcel power and as Katie is about to stake him, Klaus snaps her neck. Sophie doesn’t finish the locator spell when Katie’s magic stops, but insists on finishing. Rebekah snatches the materials away and tells her no. She says if she dies, so does Haley and the baby. If that happens, they will have rescued Elijah for nothing. She tells her it’s over and that they have failed.

As everyone recovers from Katie’s spell, Marcel looks to Klaus in thanks.

Marcel has Teairy chained to a wall in a dungeon like place and pins him to the wall. He orders one of his minions to “seal him up.” The minion starts putting bricks around Teairy meaning to seal him in.

Klaus and Marcel are on a balcony. Marcel asks what Cami saw. Klaus says just an argument that he can fix. Klaus brings up Teairy and says he was a good friend to Marcel. Marcel says after he saved him tonight, he will give his brother back.

Klaus goes to talk to Cami. Cami doesn’t want to hear anything about Marcel. Klaus says someone broke her trust. As they look at each other, Klaus compels her to remember a perfect evening with Marcel even though they were clearly having a moment.

Back at the house, Rebekah and Klaus talk about the plan. Klaus said he has secured the return of Elijah, and tells Rebekah what he did. He said he will everything about Davina and then take him for his own. Rebekah tells him he disgusting and he will get what he wants, no matter who he knows down in the process.

Marcel enters Davina’s room and tells her Klaus saved him and he is giving back Elijah. Davina refuses to give him back until she knows how to kill them.

Klaus walks in on Haley and tells her Elijah is returning. Klaus asks why she misses him when she barely knows him and she says he was kind. Haley tells Klaus that she thinks it’s a girl. He smiles with his back turned.

Rebekah walks down a street and sees Marcel, and turns the other way. He appears behind her and she accuses him of following her as he advancing on her. He says she is just in her way..

Sophie is putting Katie’s body to rest and a witch tells her that the “unholy alliance” has caused has harm. She leaves. Sabine tells the group she thinks it’s a girl and recited a spell that Haley is trying to translate up until the end of the show.

Written by: Meagan Dunn