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The Originals 1×01 “Always and Forever” Recap


For those of you who missed last night’s premiere of The Originals, I’m here to help.

The episode opens with two guys in white wigs staring out at an old timey ship on the harbor. They believe it’s abandoned and take a few extra guys to go check it out. Once they get inside the ship, they see two black coffins. One of the guys pries a coffin open to see what is inside. Confusion sets in amongst the men when what appears to be a dead man with a stake through his heart is found inside the coffin.

Suddenly, the men start getting snatched up by something we can’t see until there is only one guy left. Rebekah (Claire Holt), a vampire with a temperamental and somewhat snotty attitude, appears and asks Elijah (Daniel Gillies), a vampire with polite manners and breathtakingly good looks, if she can eat him.

Elijah steps out of the shadows, stares into the man’s eyes, both of their pupils get huge, and Elijah assures the man he will not hurt him…. only because they need someone to carry their luggage. The man is calm and believes him, but asks Elijah just what in the heck they are. Rebekah tells him they are the Original Vampires and the men in the coffins are Finn and Cole, their brothers.

We then meet Klaus standing on the deck, who has viciously torn into one of the men’s necks. Rebekah introduces Klaus (Joseph Morgan), their half-brother, as a beast and Elijah offers him a backhanded compliment about having no manners. Elijah asks where they have landed and the only man left tells him they have landed in the colony of Louisiana, in a town they have named New Orleans.


Elijah, who now has short hair, enters a bar and sits down. Camille (Leah Pipes), the bartender, asks why he is in New Orleans. Elijah tells her he lived in New Orleans a long time ago and he has come for his brother, Klaus, who has heard someone is conspiring against him. Camille directs him to someone who can help him.

Elijah follows a witch, who is acting as a tour guide, until she calls him out. He asks her what business the witches have with Klaus. She mentions the witch, Jane Anne. Elijah asks to talk to her. The witch takes him to Jane Anne, who is dead in the street. She tells him Jane Anne died because she was caught doing magic. Elijah asks who killed her and noise is heard from down the street. The witch tells him he is about to find out and mentions Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Elijah seems surprised and asks if she is talking about the vampire Marcel. She says yes and insists that Elijah hides.

Sophie, Jane Anne’s sister, is over the body of Jane Anne as Marcel approaches. Marcel taunts Sophie and tells her he killed Jane Anne for practicing magic in his quarter. He takes Jane Anne’s body as a warning to the other witches.

Elijah calls Rebekah to tell her what he knows and she states she doesn’t care about Klaus, her lying traitorous brother. Elijah tells her he is determined to find out why the witches lured Klaus to New Orleans.

In an alley, Sophie is alone praying about her sister. Two of Marcel’s vampires corner Sophie and ask why Klaus, the Original hybrid, showed up asking about Jane Anne. Sophie refuses to answer the question and the vampires move in on her. Suddenly, one of them disappears and his bloody heart is dropped on the ground in front of her. The other vampire gets staked against the wall. Elijah appears – having killed the other vampires – and asks what business Sophie has with Klaus.

Sophie takes him to a graveyard. Elijah can’t enter without an invitation because it is sacred ground. Sophie invites him in because she is desperate. Sophie tells him that Haley (Phoebe Tonkin), a werewolf, is pregnant with Klaus’ child.

After convincing Elijah that the baby is really Klaus’, Haley comments on Klaus’ psychotic behavior. Elijah offers to tell her their story.

Elijah touches her face so she can see into the past.

They were humans, their youngest brother killed by a wolf, his father forced his mother to turn them immortal with dark magic, Klaus killed his first human, it turned him into a werewolf, this meant their mother cheated on their father with a wolf, their father called him an abomination, their father forced their mother to use a magic spell to lock away Klaus’ wolf side (Klaus reverses the curse centuries later), and Elijah let his father do it after Klaus pleads to him for help.

Elijah goes to Klaus and tells him he found out why the witches called him there.

Elijah and Klaus go to the graveyard where Sophie tells Klaus that Haley is carrying his baby. She wants Klaus’ help running Marcel out of town or says she will kill Haley and the baby. Klaus tells her to kill it. He leaves. Elijah tells Sophie he will fix it, but no one can touch Haley.

Elijah pleads with Klaus that family is power. Klaus still refuses to help the witches.

Elijah asks the witches what will stop Klaus from killing them all. Sophie tells him that Jane Anne died linking her to Haley. If Sophie hurts, Haley hurts. She tells Elijah that she will kill Haley if Klaus does not help her run Marcel out of town and he has until midnight to convince him to help them.

Klaus approaches Marcel and asks again what is the deal with the witches. Marcel tells him that even though Klaus built New Orleans and taught him everything he knows, it’s still his home and his rules. Klaus bites one of Marcel’s vampires, which is deadly, to break a rule and prove a point because Klaus cannot be killed.

Elijah calls Rebekah and tells her Klaus is raging, but he thinks he can still change his mind.

Elijah goes to Marcel and asks what his deal is with the witches. Marcel refuses to talk about it. Elijah offers up a deal for Jane Anne’s body in exchange for the cure for the bite that Klaus gave Marcel’s vampire, which is Klaus’ blood.

Elijah gives the witches Jane Anne’s body as a good faith payment that he is working to convince Klaus to change his mind.

Elijah and Klaus have a big fight sequence where Elijah pleads to Klaus. He tells Klaus that family is power. Klaus states that Marcel has everything he wants. Elijah convinces him that the baby can give him one of those things – unconditional love. Klaus agrees to witches’ deal.

Klaus and Elijah move Haley into an old house, presumably theirs from long ago. Elijah vows to protect Haley.

Klaus gives Marcel his blood to heal the vampire and offers a truce.

Marcel still wants to know what the witches want with Klaus.

Marcel enters a room with a girl. He asks her if the witches are quiet and she says yes. She is worried about the “old ones” hurting him and Marcel assures her that they aren’t as powerful as her. He reveals her name is Davina.

Back at the house, Klaus asks Elijah if Rebekah is going to be joining them. When he says no, Klaus daggers Elijah. As Elijah is falling to the floor, Klaus tells him that family makes him weak and he has to win the war alone.

As a Klaus fan, I’m a little disappointed with his final move this episode.  But with the next episode promising Rebekah’s return, we can only hope she puts Klaus in his place.

Written by: Meagan Dunn