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The Mindy Project 2×06 “Bro Club for Dudes” Recap


The sixth episode of this season focuses a little more on Peter and Mindy’s rocky relationship, while also saying goodbye to Jason the Journalist. We’ve seen how Danny didn’t get along with Peter and now it’s Mindy’s turn.

The cold open consists of the “bros” – Jeremy, Danny, Morgan, and now Peter – playing with toys (I’m assuming Nerf guns.) Mindy immediately hates it as she gets “held hostage” by Peter who eventually shoots her in the boobs. This is her first time butting heads with Peter in this episode.

The next morning, Mindy takes the office to the rooftop in the hopes of turning it into The Schulman and Associates Gazebo Garden and Serenity Space rather than just having it as a place where Danny can come out and smoke. Peter and the rest of the guys would rather turn it into a patio with a basketball court and a grill to make steaks. Mindy storms out because she doesn’t want to take suggestions.

The other storyline weaved into this episode is Morgan’s crush on Tamra. It was touched on a little bit in the last episode when he compliments her, but it’s very clear in this episode that he’s a better fit for her than her current boyfriend, Ray Ron (Josh Peck), who has forgotten their 20-year anniversary. To try to make her feel better, he invites her to help him build the gazebo for Mindy.

Mindy, very worried about whether or not Peter likes her, goes to Danny for some guidance. He tells her to not worry about anything since Peter probably just doesn’t know her like he does and they’ll eventually become friends, like Mindy and Danny did. Danny advises her to take him out to lunch. Unfortunately for Peter, Mindy takes him to the USA Girl Café, which is basically the American Girl Store. Peter tells her that they aren’t getting along because she’s too self-involved and if she really cared about being friends with him, she would’ve done something that he is interested in.

Back at the office, Mindy tells Danny how much of a disaster it was and he responds by telling her the same thing Peter told her. She has to think about what he would want to do. I vaguely remember Danny telling her the exact same thing in 1×11 “Bunk Bed,” but concerning her best friend Gwen. Danny invites her to go to a fight Peter’s going to have that night in an effort to become friends with him. She reluctantly agrees, as she has to delay her date with Jason that night, but thanks Danny with a friendship cake from the USA Girl Café. They’re really exaggerating the fact that they’re friends, aren’t they?

That night, Morgan and Tamra finish building the gazebo, with lights and all. Morgan tries to ask Tamra out to get Chinese food, but she declines because she’s still with Ray Ron.

On her way to the fight, Mindy calls Jason (Ben Feldman) to tell him that she’ll be very late to their date. He’s already very frustrated since he’s run out of things to talk about to the sushi chef, but they agree to meet later on at her apartment. She tells him to get Danny’s favorite, the Philadelphia roll, but she has to hang up, seeing as how Danny is texting her.

At the fight, she encounters one of her patients who happens to be the ring girl and stunt casting in the form of Kendra Wilkinson.

Morgan goes backstage and accidentally mistakes Dana White from the UFC for Howie Mandel. They talk for a little bit, until Ray Ron finds Morgan and starts to fight with him.

Right before his fight, Peter has Jeremy, Danny, and Mindy yell insults at him to get him angry. It seems to be going fine until Mindy yells that Peter’s ex-girlfriend Becca, the one he’s been very hung up on, is engaged. Peter loses his mojo and goes into the fight crying. He gets beaten up pretty badly by the guy he’s fighting against, The Genocide.

In an effort to save Peter, Mindy convinces Kendra’s character, Marie, to let her in as the ring girl for a round so she can talk to him. Mindy advises Peter that he should imagine that his opponent is someone he hates. In this case, it’s Becca’s fiancé.

Back to Morgan’s fight, he wins by stuffing a crying Ray Ron into the trash. Even though Morgan likes Tamra, he helps Ray Ron out by telling him that he missed his anniversary with Tamra. Morgan leaves with a threat that if it happens again, he’s going to take Tamra away from him.

Peter seems to be doing well in his fight until he gets thrown out of the ring and lands on Morgan.

As Mindy patches Peter’s face up, she offers to talk smack about exes with him. It seems like this is their shared interest. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I feel Peter is a lot more tolerable as his relationships with the other coworkers are shown. I really like him as a series regular.

When Mindy’s done, she finds Jason waiting for her by the same hospital doors that she got her birthday kiss from Brendan last season. It seems that Jason is not only mad that she never showed up to their date, but he’s jealous of her relationship with Danny, saying “that doesn’t mean I memorized her favorite sushi order.”

Eventually, Mindy and Danny are going to have to discuss how close their relationship is. This is also a callback to Jim and Pam’s relationship in The Office. Jim knew Pam’s favorite flavor of yogurt, in the same way Mindy knows Danny’s favorite sushi roll.

The next morning, Ray Ron comes around to the office to tell Tamra that he used a computer to find out that china is the gift of choice on 20-year anniversaries. But since he can’t afford to fly to China, he gives her a toy panda and he’s taking her to a menu restaurant.

The episode ends with Mindy showing the guys the basketball court she had put in for them on the roof, but the gazebo is still in her heart.

The show will take a 2 week break until the next episode.

Memorable Quotes

“Hey, Danny, your sandwich has been in the fridge for a month, I’m taking it home for dinner.” – Mindy

“Let him kill himself so I can go home and watch TV!” – Mindy

“It looks kind of homoerotic to me.” – Mindy
“What? There’s nothing homoerotic about grappling with another man, pinning him to the ground, and making him succumb to your will.” – Danny

“You have great chemistry!” – Mindy

“Peter’s just standing their and taking it like he’s the wife in a country music movie.” – Mindy

“Excuse me, sir? I am just here to convey numerical information about which round it is.” – Mindy

“That’s 50% of the surgeons in our practice!” – Jeremy

“Buckle down? Am I doing homework?!” – Peter

“I’d like to speak to your sexiest nurse.” – Ray Ron
“Oh, Morgan!” – Betsy