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The Mindy Project 2×05 “Wiener Night” Recap


“Wiener Night” really tied in everything I love about The Mindy Project – great use of the supporting characters and guest actors, brilliant comedic acting on everyone’s part, and some good Danny/Mindy moments to tie up the episode nicely.

The episode starts off with Mindy in an airplane on her way home after going to an enemy’s wedding. Unfortunately, her television screen doesn’t work so she’s forced to “be alone with her thoughts,” which then incites her to think about how the person who’s going to be sitting next to her might just be the love of her life. To her disappointment, Kevin Smith sits down next to her and calls her “Chubbs.”

This insult is short-lived however, because another guest star, Ben Feldman (Mad Men), corrects him by saying that he’s in his seat. Ben’s character, Jason Richman, and Mindy immediately hit it off and start flirting. Because her TV screen doesn’t work, she gets to use Jason’s while he reads. What happened to watching movies on planes without headphones, Mindy? I guess that’s only when Danny’s around.

Jason introduces himself as being an arts and culture writer for the New York Independent, which is why he’s reading the book for pleasure. He quickly asks her out and she’s finally free to go to the restroom after holding it in for 2 hours.

The next morning, Mindy tells the office that she met a new guy. I feel like that’s every week for her. How can I get her life? She shows them Jason’s newspaper and his articles and, as Jeremy immediately freaks out with jealousy, Danny freaks out for an entirely different reason, snatches the newspaper, and scurries into his office.

Apparently Christina (Chloe Sevigny), Danny’s ex-wife, is debuting her art exhibit made up entirely of Danny’s nude pictures. Chris Messina really sold this episode and made it hilarious. Without his freaking out, especially in this scene when he calls Christina to tell her that he’s so happy with what she’s done, the episode would definitely not have been the same.

That night, Jason and Mindy go on a date and watch a movie where two normal people apparently fall in love. Jason liked it, but Mindy didn’t, which immediately sets Jason off.

Meanwhile, Danny’s walking the city, ferociously digging into a pizza, when he sees an advertisement for Christina’s art exhibit. He throws away the pizza and rips the poster into pieces. As he continues walking, though, he comes across a whole wall filled with the flyers. Poor Danny. I still don’t understand why Christina feels like she has the right to do this, since Danny did nothing wrong, but…

At the end of Jason and Mindy’s date, she invites him upstairs and, although he says yes, he’s surprised because he doesn’t think they have a future together because they don’t share the same cultural thoughts. Mindy backs away asking, “Are you saying I’m not cultured?” Yes, he is, and he apparently thinks he’s still gonna go upstairs with her even after that comment. Luckily, Mindy stops him and goes to bed by herself.

The next morning, Danny, Peter, and Brendan (Mark Duplass) ride the elevator up together. Brendan knows about Danny’s nude show and tells Peter, which is a very bad idea because now the whole office knows. Peter comes up with the brilliant idea of calling that night “Weiner Night,” hence the title, because they should buy wieners and eat them before going to the show where they’ll see Danny’s wiener. Despite all his inappropriate comments, I think I like Peter more when he hangs out with Morgan, which is what he does in this episode.

Mindy decides that, in order to show how cultured she is, she’s going to invite Jason to Danny’s show. Right after she calls him, Danny goes to the lawyer, Cliff (Glenn Howerton), to help him get Christina in trouble for using his pictures. Cliff can’t exactly help him, since Danny signed the contract for his pictures and he’s a divorce lawyer, which everyone seems to forget. Either way, he decides to help him.

On their way to the exhibit, Mindy tells Danny that even though he doesn’t want to go, he has to because he has to face Christina and show her that it doesn’t affect him. Mindy also doesn’t think it’ll be that bad because they’re doctors and they can handle nudity. Cut to Mindy freaking out over Danny’s naked picture.

c0mJd77The rest of the office reacts a little differently to the pictures. Peter and Morgan laugh because they think penises are hilarious, while Jeremy gets frustrated with them. Tamra and Betsy find the photos to be really attractive – Betsy a lot more than Tamra because as Danny comes up to them and puts his arms around them, she lets out a squeak and runs away. I’ve got to agree with Betsy, Danny’s a “masterpiece.”

Mindy talks to Cliff for a little while and finds out that he has a girlfriend and has tickets to go to a Daughtry concert. Mindy looks a little bit surprised, but not for long because Jason comes up and she introduces them.

Cliff can’t talk for long because Danny’s drinking more and more as people start buying the photographs. Cliff can’t help him much, but does give him some advice that if the public were able to look at the nude photos, then Christina could get into some sort of trouble. *Wink, wink*

Danny places a photo of his directly in the window as he’s calling 911, using a beautiful falsetto voice as a Mrs. Ferguson complaining about the lewd pictures that her children and her were forced to see. I feel like this voice should be used more often.

Mindy attempts to show Jason just how cultured she is by telling him that her favorite painting is “The Japanese Bridge” by Monet, which doesn’t seem to impress him much. Apparently, it’s the equivalent to saying that Katy Perry is your favorite singer, who happens to be Mindy’s favorite. Awkward.

They’re interrupted by the lights going out and a TV screen turning on. Christina starts talking from the screen and tells them that she’s a survivor and Danny was focused on “extinguishing her light.” Yeah, okay. All of the photographs then turn into demon/devil versions of Danny, with horns and all. I still don’t understand why she’s mad. She’s the one who slept with some other guy, but whatever.

Everyone starts saying how brilliant the concept is which makes Mindy so mad that she decides to go in front of everyone and stand up for Danny. She says that even though it’d “be challenging to live with” Danny, he’s still a “good guy.” She then veers off into talking a little bit about herself by mentioning that Katy Perry’s her favorite singer.

As people start booing her for the comment, Danny then decides to stand up for her too. He gets so mad that all they want to see is pornography that he starts to strip. His pants are halfway down when the police walk in and Mindy helps him dress again. They play it off as if he and Mindy are lovers who were caught up in the heat of the moment and they don’t get in trouble.

At the end of the night, Danny sits on the curb smoking a cigarette as Mindy sits down next to him. Danny seems to only smoke when he’s either stressed out or if Christina’s involved. In all those cases though, Mindy stops him from smoking. I feel like Mindy and Danny have switched positions since last season. Danny was the one to get Mindy out of her ruts or her sad moments, and now, that’s what Mindy does.

She says everyone came out to see his “hot body” and he shouldn’t worry about it. This picks up Danny’s spirits a little more and he starts talking about Cliff and how he seems to be a good guy. Mindy hints that she’s into him even though she’s got a new romantic interest and he has a girlfriend. Danny quickly retorts that he’d like him to be his friend. I feel like that comment sprung out of jealousy.

A woman comes up to them and tells them that she thought Danny’s photos were amazing. Danny seems into her, but he doesn’t know whether he should go or not. Mindy senses this and tells him to go with her. He thanks her by kissing her on the cheek and patting her on the shoulder. I think that’s how they should say ‘bye’ from now on… the kiss on the cheek, not the pat on the shoulder.

Back outside of Mindy’s apartment, she finds Jason waiting for her. He apologizes for his rudeness by serenading her with a ukulele version of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” And that’s the end of the episode. The next episode will be “Bro Club for Dudes.” Until then…

Memorable Quotes

“My TV is broken and I cannot be alone with my thoughts.” – Mindy

“I have to pee. I’ve been holding it in for the past two hours in the hopes you’d ask me out. I think I gave myself a UTI.” – Mindy

“So, I was running through Battery Park, looking for batteries…” – Morgan

“I’d be happy to listen to One Direction while we do it.” – Jason
“The documentary or the album?” – Mindy

“Okay, what kind of friend would I be if you come to my soccer matches and I don’t go to your art show?” – Morgan
“It’s not my art show and I’m never going to one of your soccer games.” – Danny
“Uh, you’re going on Saturday and you’re bringing juice boxes.” – Morgan

“It doesn’t give her the right to show the whole world my undercarriage!” – Danny

“I had plans, too, to not have all of Manhattan staring down the barrel of my urethra!” – Danny

“I know you’ve seen it, but it’s changed. I was a baby! It’s changed! Ma, Ma MA!” – Danny

“You tried to shut down the M&M store because you thought the brown lady M&M stole your look.” – Danny

“I can see every hair follicle!” – Mindy

“Usually, you look like a piñata.” – Cliff
“Okay, I like to wear colors. And yes, I’m usually full of candy.” – Mindy

“#NipCity is trending.” – Morgan