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The Mindy Project 2×03 “Music Festival” Recap


I was a little wary as the episode first started, or rather, I was more wary at fans’ reactions. Following last week’s pretty controversial episode, this episode needed to ease viewers back into the groove of things. And I must say, I think it did that comically, but it left us with an ending we all saw coming, but didn’t know would hurt so much.

The episode opens with Mindy at Pastor Casey’s church. I’d like to point out that funny sign hanging above the churchgoers, it reads “Welcome Back Pastor Casey (and Female Friend).” After Casey introduces his “female friend” to the churchgoers, he shocks everyone by saying that Sir Thumps-A-Lot, aka his heart, told him to follow his dream to become a DJ.

You would think that from the way Casey was first introduced, he would never stop being a pastor, but apparently things have changed. Or rather, this is the only logical way to break up Mindy and Casey.

Time jump to six weeks later in Mindy’s apartment, Casey is playing some tracks while his grilled cheese is on fire in the kitchen. First Josh, now Casey. Why is it that Mindy’s love interests nearly kill her with burning food? Mindy’s clearly not liking his DJ lifestyle as she starts yelling at him. This flies past Casey who doesn’t seem to get the hint that she’s not liking this new Casey.

Back at the office, Mindy tries to get Jeremy to hire Casey as a doctor, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have the credentials. Danny suggests Casey take over for his toll-booth guy seeing as how “he wants to spend more time with Barb,” but in Mindy’s eyes, that’d be worse than being a DJ. As they continue to think about it some more, Jeremy gets a whiff of something that smells horrible.

And this is how we are introduced to Adam Pally’s character, Peter. As we all know, he won’t be leaving any time soon. It’s time to get used to him. He describes his scent as “exhud[ing] the masculine party-ready energy that everyone expects from their OBGYN.” He seems to be a frat boy with, as he describes it, “Double D” credentials. In other words, he went to Dartmouth College.

He confuses Mindy as being a “nurse,” “doula,” manicurist,” and “plus-sized model.” He’s then shocked to hear that Mindy is actually a doctor. Why is it so unbelievable she’s a doctor? I guess Mindy would also like that question answered.

I would probably like Peter if he hadn’t said that to Mindy or the fact that he had sex with a Christmas tree. I think that’s all that needs to be said about that. Take that as you will. And because of those two comments, he is not hired as the new OBGYN.

That night, Mindy attempts to sit down with Casey to talk about his becoming a DJ. She’s actually been pretty accepting of this change and she’s dealing with this very maturely.  She gave him two months to figure it out and now she’s trying to calmly discuss his options. Casey’s notices that because he thanks her for being so patient and surprises her with the news that he’ll be DJ-ing in a music festival upstate. After a celebratory kiss between the couple, Casey’s penis seems to have a mind of its own as it keeps creeping out of his pajama pants.

The next day, most of the office, sans Jeremy and Tamra, decide to go along with Mindy to the music festival. Tamra wonders if there are actually going to be any black people performing. Mindy then rattles off a list of band names – Black Flag, Black Keys, Black People, which apparently are all white men and the latter are four Japanese girls. Danny’s going because he wants to see his favorite band, The National, perform. And because the “office is a democracy and [Mindy] is king,” they’re allowed to leave Jeremy with their patients.

On the subway to the festival, Casey shows off his beatboxing to Morgan as Mindy answers Danny’s question as to whether Casey’s a disk jockey. In her eyes, “being a DJ is the #1 growing American job for children of celebrities.” As her friends start to show their dislike for DJs, Mindy becomes defensive and asks Betsy whether she’d rather party with the Pope or Pharrell.

Interesting. Mindy only gets defensive when others start criticizing her boyfriend’s career, but inwardly, she agrees with them. This will progress later on. The scene ends with Morgan attempting to beatbox, but actually just making fart sounds.  Casey runs with that and starts beatboxing fart sounds. Mindy’s clearly uncomfortable as it leads into a commercial break.

The show returns with Mindy and Casey walking through the musical festival, but Mindy gets knocked down when she accidentally licks a fat man’s sweat. They continue walking through a bunch of flower crown-wearing hipsters and get caught up in some of them. They trap Mindy and Casey in hula-hoops and start to spin them around. I know, that doesn’t make much sense, but what they’re actually doing doesn’t make much sense either.

Meanwhile, Danny, Morgan, Betsy, and Beverly are walking around the festival, as well. Morgan quickly swipes Danny’s check with SPF 2 sunscreen as Danny’s talking about The National. Danny gets mad and stalks off because it’s apparently dog sunscreen.

Back in the office, Jeremy’s eating snickerdoodles and tending to Danny and Mindy’s patients, while Tamra’s getting a lot of work done because Betsy isn’t around to talk to her about how Jeremy hasn’t been on a date in weeks. I’m liking that Betsy’s got an eye on him. Jeremy then has to deal with an unfortunate dilemma – he has to deliver both of Danny and Mindy’s patients and they’re going into labor at the same time.

At the concert, Morgan meets a blonde with a bag full of weed brownies and cupcakes. Although he doesn’t take one of the brownies because he finds it suspicious, he does take two of the cupcakes. He even confuses the weed leaf decoration on them for a four leaf clover.

Mindy finally reveals her true feelings about Casey’s dream DJ career as they’re walking through the festival. He’s pretty taken aback by Mindy’s comment and he finishes off their argument by walking away.

Mindy doesn’t have much time to think about what just happened because she has to control a now high Morgan who is throwing ice coolers around. He then runs after one of them and cannonballs onto the grass. Because of the hard fall, he “broke his butt bone” and they have to take him to the medic tent.

Because of the incident, Mindy texts Casey, “Running late. Talk after your set?” He starts to respond, “I can’t believe you’re not,” but deletes it after quick thought and instead texts, “I hope you can make it.” This isn’t going to end well. Cue commercial break.

The show’s back with Jeremy asking another doctor, Rachel, for help delivering the two babies. She can’t because she’s got to deliver twins and that’s when Jeremy finds Peter hanging out in the doctor’s lounge. He has to resort to having Peter help him deliver the babies.

Back in the medic tent, Mindy pulls Danny aside and tells him to go “wave [his] lighter at Johnny Rock-and-Roll and the Rock-and-Rollers or whoever.” He thought she was going to go watch Casey perform and that’s when Mindy tells him that they got into a fight. This sparks Danny’s curiosity, and probably his hope, as she says she’s going to stay and help him out in the tent.

He takes awhile to think it over, and during that time, he decides that it would be a better idea for her to go see Casey. He tells her so; even though they both think DJ-ing is dumb, she has to go support her fiancé. Danny understands where she’s coming from – he wasn’t very comfortable with Christina’s profession as a photographer either. But he, in this episode, is the selfless one. He puts Mindy’s happiness before his, as he continues to tell her that she has to go.

He could’ve easily taken this opportunity, as Casey and Mindy are in a fight, and taken it for himself. But he doesn’t. So far, Danny’s been doing a lot of things for Mindy, hopefully. In some of the upcoming episodes, we could see the roles reversed. Mindy quickly thanks him by kissing him on the cheek (her lipstick mark is visible) and running after Casey.

As Jeremy is helping the patient deliver, Peter has already delivered the other baby and is helping a cry-daddy relax as his wife gives birth. He talks him through it and successfully calms him down. He may be good at his job, but his comments still make me uncomfortable – like the latest “that baby girl she just had is quite a stunner.”

Casey spots Mindy in his tent as he DJs and he tells the crowd to lift her up and bring her to the stage. This doesn’t work out so well as they start bouncing her up and down. She gets a chance to see him after his set. This scene very much parallels when she first visits him after church. There is a group of girls around him and she has to push through to get to him. They, and their relationship, have come full circle.

After she congratulates him on a good job, he confides that he wasn’t entirely comfortable being a DJ. He’s now got his sights on being an event planner. Mindy finally became somewhat accepting of his new career and now she has to do it all over again.

In the medic tent, Morgan, Betsy, and Beverly bring The National, but only on one condition – Morgan has to propose to Daniel Mussolini Castellano and he has to accept. As Danny and Morgan kiss and hold hands, The National plays a song for them.

This leads into Jeremy hiring Peter as their new OBGYN. Hopefully, his character gets fleshed out a little more, but not at the cost of the other characters that still haven’t been fully developed.

And now, the scene I didn’t expect to be so sad, ended up being heart-wrenching. Casey asks Mindy what she thinks about Austin, Texas and she gives a half-hearted response, “Great.”

Casey’s implying that they move there, but Mindy doesn’t think she can do it. She’s afraid that as he keeps changing his mind about careers, he’ll eventually “have a change of heart.” She doesn’t want to keep moving for him. Even though Casey says it’s God talking to him, Mindy thinks that this is actually what he wants.

Casey then asks, “Babe, are we breaking up?” as The National start singing “I Need My Girl.” Mindy looks up at him and the next shot is her giving him back her engagement ring. She closes the door on Casey and their relationship and leans against the door crying.

As the song continues to play, the next shot is of Danny and Morgan listening to The National song. It’s interesting that they would choose to show them, especially Danny, in between scenes of the Mindy and Casey breakup.

Casey then packs up his things from Mindy’s apartment, but leaves behind a voodoo doll with his face on it and a sign that says, “Don’t use too many pins.”

The episode ends sadly with Mindy sitting on her bed holding the doll, and then, setting it aside next to her.

We all knew the breakup was coming, but I know I definitely expected it to be a little lighter than this. I’m not sure why, since this is probably the longest relationship Mindy has probably had – more than nine months. I’m betting she’s going to tell Danny first. We’ll find out in the next episode.

Memorable Quotes

“What’s that sick beat?”
“You mean the smoke alarm?”

“People will forget you, like DJ Amnesia”

“I’ll make sure she gets the Snickerdoodles…Like bloody hell I will. Not a flipping crumb!”

“This looks like a civil war battlefield, except, somehow, there’s more beards.”

“These babies are like, ‘Tamra, let me out. It’s my birthday.’ And I’m like, ‘babies, I know!’”

“My scoliosis! My scoliosis!”