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The Blacklist 1×06 “Gina Zanetakos” Recap


By: Laura Chytra

Tonight’s episode begins in a forest in Germany. There’s a man putting together a bomb inside a car. A woman comes in and asks if it’s ready. They bring the car outside and blow it up. The woman asks if he can make it radioactive and he says that he can. He says he can have it ready for her in 48 hours. “I need it in 36.” she says, calmly walking away from the flames and wreckage like a total badass.

We cut to Liz and Tom who are are arguing over the box she found. He insists he has no idea where it came from and plays the innocent card, which I’m not really buying but we’ll see. He tells her to call the FBI if she really believes he’s guilty, because he has nothing to hide. She does and they come and take them both to the blacksite where Liz work. Tom is sporting a bag over his head, which he seems to think is overkill. Before they take him away, Liz embraces Tom. “Tell the truth.” she says tearfully. Ressler thinks she should be worrying about herself.

Director Cooper comes to talk to Liz. He says he when Reddington asked for her, he was suspicious at first but she’s done good work. He believed she really was just as surprised as the rest of them when Red picked her, but now with the whole husband situation, he’s having doubts again. He tells her until the matter is resolved, he’s putting her on leave. She protests but he”s not hearing it. He tells her to go home.

CIA agent Meera Malik is interrogating Tom. This is much nicer than her previous interrogations, she’s not threatening him with psychical violence at all. He’s cute and he seems so harmless and awkward, saying he wants to know the truth as much as they do, but I still don’t really buy it. I don’t trust him.

Liz meets with Red and he starts waxing poetic about how corporations and criminals run the world. She wants to talk about Tom. He tells her about Gina Zanetakos. She’s a corporate terrorist. He tells her if she wants the truth about her husband, she needs to find Gina. Because she’s Tom’s lover. Ouch. Poor Lizzie.

Reddington is talking to Director Harold Cooper. He wants Lizzie off leave and he says lives will be lost if he doesn’t allow her to return, regardless of whatever suspicions they have regarding her husband. “Delivering criminals to you is a hobby. A diversion. One that may become tiresome.” He mentions something that happened in Kuwait and Cooper asks if Red is threatening him. Red says he is. Great delivery.

Malik is still interrogating Tom, if you want to call it that. He tells her he was there for a job interview and swears if she contacts the headmaster of the school, he will verify everything he’s telling her.

Cooper tells Ressler and Malik that there’s been a development and Reddington has brought them a case. Ressler is pleased because he thinks that means Red finally decided to speak to them directly instead of through Keene. He’s wrong, of course. Malik thinks it’s entirely inappropriate for Agent Keene to be on the case when her husband is being investigated for murder, and it seems like Ressler agrees with her. Regardless, Director Cooper brings Liz back into the fold to help them investigate Gina Zanetakos with Red’s help.

We see Gina (Margarita Levieva) in a hotel room wearing a wig. She’s making out with some guy and she wants him to show her some sort of confirmation papers. Once she gets the information she needs, she injects something in his neck, killing him. Gina takes off the wig and scatters pills on the floor, making it look like an overdose.

Agents Ressler and Keene arrive just as Gina is trying to make her getaway, and Ressler ends up in an elevator with her. She beats him up pretty badly, which was funny. She really is badass. Keene finds what she thinks is Gina’s number in the man’s phone and calls her, but Ressler picks up. Gina dropped her phone in the altercation. She asks why he has her phone and if he stopped her. “Not exactly” he says, as he lies on the floor of the elevator after his beat down. Not exactly? I’m laughing because he wasn’t even close.

They search the phone and realize she’s planning on detonating a bomb, but they don’t know the target.

Liz tells Red she and she didn’t find a single message or mention of Tom. He suggests they may be communicating in a more old-fashioned way but Lizzie isn’t hearing it. She believes Tom is innocent and tells Red he’s wrong about him and Gina. “There’s nothing between them.” she insists vehemently.

Liz believes her husband and thinks he is being set up. she realizes Gina was at the hotel at the same time Tom was there. They raid Gina’s apartment and it turns out Tom and Gina have matching spy boxes. Aww, how cute. Even the mark on the top of the box is the same. They find a picture of Tom in her bedroom and she is visibly shaken. Ressler tells her he admires her loyalty to her husband, but it’s time she started thinking about herself.

Photo: ABC

Liz goes Red looking for comfort again, saying she didn’t know where else to go. She tells him about the picture they found and says part of her thinks Red is manipulating her and wants to ruin her life. She is terrified by the thought that Tom isn’t who she thought he was. “I feel like I’m drowning. Like I don’t know what’s real or who I can trust.” she says, mirroring the feelings of the majority of this show’s viewers. “You can trust me.” he tells her.

She looks at him with tears falling. She needed him to be wrong about Tom. He says nothing but holds her hand and she silently accepts the loving gesture. We still don’t know why Red is so obsessed with her, but whatever their relationship is, it’s clear to me that he loves her. Personally, I hope they aren’t related.

Cooper tells Liz they have a lead about a bomb expert named Maxwell that Gina was involved with but they need Reddington’s help to find them, which is why they need her even though they still don’t trust her shady husband. She goes to visit him and he’s arguing on the phone. “Shipping is my business.” he declares, as fan girls everywhere nod their heads in empathy and understanding. I’m pretty sure he means the boat kind, though.

After he hangs up the phone he turns to greet her. “Hello, Lizzie.” he smiles and asks what he can do for her. James Spader’s voice might be the death of me. She asks him about Max. It seems like Red knows him personally. Apparently he’s a terrible drinker. “Can you help me find him?” she asks and of course, he agrees.

He goes to Germany to talk to Max and convinces him to tell what he knows. He tells him that the bomb is a car. A sedan, if you want to get specific. Red asks him to call Gina. He needs to know where she is.

Apparently his info leads them to a park which leads to a chase scene. Liz and Gina get into a fight in the woman’s washroom but right as Gina seems to have the upper hand, Ressler busts through the door, shooting her twice. Liz freaks out because she’s afraid Gina might die, and she still has questions that need answering.

She calls Red and asks him about the phone conversation he was having earlier, something about shipping remember? She figures out that the Hanar Group hired Gina because they have a majority share of a New Orleans port. She realizes Houston is the target, because if all shipping was diverted to New Orleans because of the radioactive contamination, their profits would soar. “That’s my girl.” says Red. Aw, he’s proud of her.

They eventually find the bomb at the shipping yard in Houston and Ressler heroically drives the it into the water, jumping out at the very last second. It explodes underwater and the day is saved! If the bomb was radioactive, doesn’t that mean the water is contaminated now? Oh, well. Not the FBI’s problem, I guess.

They talk to Gina in the hospital and she confesses to killing the man Tom was suspected of killing. Liz shows her the picture of Tom and asks if she knows him, She looks at the photo, pauses, and denies ever seeing him before. For some reason Liz takes her at her word. She could be lying, Lizzie! Russian double agents aren’t known for their honesty. I understand she’s desperate to believe her husband is innocent though.

With Gina confessing, Tom’s name is cleared and he’s free to go. He walks over to the FBI board and claims to recognize one of Red’s associates. He says it’s the same man he met for the job interview. Huh? Liz is pissed. She goes to see Red and tells him that they’re done. She tells him Gina confessed. Red thinks she’s just taking the fall for Tom. He tells her he can lead her to the truth but he can’t make her believe it. She thinks he’s twisted and says she’s sick of his obsession with her. She accuses him of framing Tom. He denies it. “I don’t understand why you would do this! Any of it!” she yells tearfully. He stares at her. “Go to hell.” she says, storming out.

He looks really sad. Exactly how I feel right now.

Honestly, I still believe him over the husband. Tom is still shady in my eyes and I’m not buying the whole cute, innocent hipster elementary school teacher act. Neither do the people who put surveillance equipment in Lizzie and Tom’s house. Apparently it’s Tom they’re keeping an eye on, not Liz. The only thing they know about him is that he doesn’t work for Reddington. Then, who exactly does he work for? The school board, if we believe him.

I love this show, even though it can be extremely frustrating to have no idea what’s going on. Is Red a bad guy? Is Lizzie right not to trust him? Will she ever? I feel extremely confused at the end of every episode, and we’re usually left with more questions than we have answers but I suppose that’s all part of the fun.

Rating: A-