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Haven 4×06 “Countdown” Recap


I hope everyone got to see this episode. I almost missed it as my DVR read a re-run of last week’s episode but it was new.

The fall out of Duke discovering Audrey is pretending to be Lexie is discussed by Audrey and Duke in her apartment above Duke’s bar. She knows the guard’s plan to have Nathan sacrifice himself, by having Audrey kill him, to end the troubles and she won’t have anything to do with the plan. It hinges on Audrey ending the troubles by killing the man she loves – Nathan. If she can continue to pretend to be Lexie then no one, not even Nathan, can force her to kill him.

Duke wonders how Audrey can pretend to be Lexie and Audrey informs him that unlike with her other persona’s she has Lexie’s memories.

The trouble of the week deals with people falling over dead – instant rigamortis. Nathan stops by to bring whom he thinks is Lexie on the case because the guard wants them working together believing the two fell in love before and would so again. Audrey, using her best Lexie persona, avoids going with him saying she has to fill out paperwork down at the police station so Duke and Nathan are on the case.

The case becomes baffling when the “trouble” causes its victims to see a countdown clock on any electronic device it says. When the clock counts down to zero the person dies.

There are a few possible suspects and a good red herring is the random female policewoman that helps Nathan and Duke on the case. She shares a new wrinkle in Haven, a new private school that only allows children who aren’t troubled. She was my first person I picked out who might be troubled. It helped that another policeman on the scene, of the first victim, named Tater died while in proximity of her.

As the case progresses the audience sees Jordan trying to take solving the troubles on her own by recruiting Duke’s brother, Wade. The Crocker curse, of hunting down those are troubled, is dormant in him but one drop of troubled blood would activate him. She tries to romance him into helping her and it seems to be helping.

Vince tries to deter Jordan from her blame – using an activated Wade to kill Audrey/Lexie in hopes of ending the curse. He shares with her that he used a drop of troubled blood to activate Duke and Wade’s father after Jordan shocks him with her cursed hands and ties him up.

Wade falls in line helping Jordan and places a couple of pen cameras in the police precinct to spy on Nathan and Audrey, whom they still think is Lexie.

Audrey’s secret doesn’t last long when she accidentally uses a policeman’s nickname, Tater, yes the same Tater who was the second victim of the trouble. Nathan catches her and realizes she is truly Audrey. He is both excited and a bit upset that she lied to him. What is bad about the revelation is that Wade and Jordan were watching on the pen camera he hid and they know now too.

The second bit of bad news is that after the third victim dies from the countdown clock it starts back again and this time it’s directed at Nathan, who has 15 minutes to live.

Why is it when a group is trying to solve a problem someone with a completely unrelated agenda gets in the way? This is the case of Jordan who now wants to go back to her original plan of having Audrey kill Nathan when she learns she is still Audrey.

Amidst this Nathan, Duke and Audrey realize the troubled person is an owner of an electronic store who spent the whole episode upset someone had stolen from him. As they try to talk down the guy, as Nathan time is running out, Jordan shows up with a gun. Really lady, just back off I wanted to say.

Guns pointed in all directions and Audrey trying to help a troubled person – Haven is back on course. I like when they call out Jordan, she is so annoying and selfish, and say she won’t shoot Nathan or Audrey because it would ruin her plan and she backs down.

Less than a minute left for Nathan and Audrey is still trying to figure out what trigged the troubled guy. It is revealed he intended to give a bracelet to a woman he has a crush on, for her birthday, but it was stolen. He got so frustrated from no one helping him find the item, and his unrequited love, it trigged his trouble.

Seconds, just seconds left for Nathan, and Audrey talks the guy into calling his crush and asking her out. She answers and stutters in her answer, while the audience is shouting just answer the man, until she finally says yes and Nathan is saved.

What of Jordan and using Wade in her plan? Wade doesn’t want to hear that Jordan has abandoned the plan involving him and activating the Crocker curse. His jealousy of Duke, and oh boohoo Daddy loved Duke better, kicks in and he wants the powers that Duke have. Unfortunately the guy Audrey just helped is the unwilling victim of Wade’s strive for power, he stabs the guy and wipes his blood on him activating the Crocker curse.

Nathan and Audrey talk about why she continued to pretend to be Lexie when she returned. She tells Nathan she was prepared to end the troubles by going in the barn and he took that choice away when he shot Agent Howard. She tried to do the same thing, take away his choice of sacrificing himself to end the curse as well. In the end Audrey says she loves Nathan and that makes his her decision.

Jordan has decided to leave town and is saying goodbye to Wade. He wants to know what her plan involving him was but she blows him off saying it is over. Wade doesn’t like being blown off, he likes this rush of power he feels when he absorbs a troubles person’s blood. Like an addict it is something he has started to crave. He stabs Jordan, just like the electronics store owner, and rubs her blood on his hand –feeling that rush. He then stabs her in the stomach killing her.

I was never a huge fan of Jordan, I thought she used the guise of ending her troubles and all troubles to get back at Nathan for spurning her. She fell in love with Nathan, and when he re-buffed her because he was in love with Audrey, she felt scorned. So, it may be wrong but she kind of got what she deserved when Wade stabbed her because she set it all in motion.

It seems Haven has something more to worry about then the “troubles.” They now have a power hungry serial killer.

Ironic Haven cast Christina Camargo to play Wade Crocker since he also played the serial killer “The Ice Truck Killer” in the first season of Dexter. I guess he just has that look.