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Haven 4×05 “The New Girl” Recap


The episode picks up where the last one left off – everyone in the field and the return of Audrey, yet she is calling herself Lexie.

Jordan really puts a new meaning into the phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” It still seems like she is hiding under the guise of wanting “Audrey” to kill Nathan, remember if Audrey kills the one she loves the most the troubles end, all because Nathan broke up with Jordan because he loves Audrey.

So to reiterate, Audrey killing the man she loves, Nathan, would end the troubles. The group each have their own agenda and all Lexie wants to know is where she is and what is going on.

Jordan and the guard are still hell bent on killing Nathan and he takes off when they pull their guns on him. In the woods, Nathan is hit in the head and knocked nearly unconscious. The whole group reconvenes in the woods with Vince, as the leader of the guard, is backing them to kill Nathan.

Lexie (Audrey) shows up and proves she may not remember being Audrey but she can handle a gun. Meanwhile Duke is trying to defuse the situation by saying he has an idea how to fix this.

As the guard, Duke, Jordan, Vince and Dave talk over the situation, Nathan and Lexie (Audrey) are locked up in the storage area of the Haven Herald offices. Nathan is dealing with the fact that this woman has Audrey’s face and not her memories.

I guess the situation with Lexie (Audrey) is like an amnesiac victim and Nathan is forced to see the face of the woman he loves acting like a totally different person.

Lexie (Audrey) and Nathan are put in the back of the squad car and Nathan is surprised he is brought to a crime scene. He is wondering how one minute people want to kill him and the next they want him on the job. Lexie (Audrey) just wants to know how she got to this strange place and when they are going to feed her.

When Dwight, the Chief of Police, and Duke pull Nathan away from Lexie (Audrey), this is when Duke reveals his big plan. Audrey fell in love with Nathan once before and Duke believes Nathan can make Lexie do the same. Needless to say Nathan is skeptical.

This is when the episode slips back into the trouble of the week. A distraught man named Josh has been locked in the freezer of a restaurant. He is ranting and raving when Nathan, Duke and Lexie (Audrey) find him. Lexie really didn’t mean to go in she was just looking for a bathroom and found the raving young man.

Before the trio can do anything Josh slits his throat.

Lexie (Audrey) tags along with Duke and Nathan and when they return to the police station Lexie is confronted with Audrey’s life complete with pictures as they question the young woman, Rebecca, who Josh was at the restaurant.  She says she and Josh, along with her boyfriend Tyler, were just in a car accident. Rebecca and Josh walked away but Tyler is in the hospital paralyzed.

Nathan and Duke go to question Josh and Lexie (Audrey) decides to have her head examined – literally. Duke and Nathan discover from Josh that Rebecca gave him this weird luck just before he felt himself unintentionally ram his car into a wall. They suspect Rebecca is the one who is troubled and Lexie (Audrey) gets a clean bill of health.

Turns out it isn’t Rebecca who is troubled as she becomes distraught after a Haven police officer takes her home and runs in front of a car killing herself. They are back to square one.

Meanwhile Jordan, who is still dressed in black, like the black-widow she is continues to try and unravel the mystery of the troubles and tying it to Audrey and fixing it. She speaks with Dwight about possibly killing Audrey, who is Lexie now, and maybe that would end the troubles. Dwight says he believes that wouldn’t work. Jordan’s wheels in her mind are still turning and you can see she continues to play out scenarios in her mind.

Back at the hospital Duke, Nathan and Lexie (Audrey) go to talk with Tyler again only to find a dead body in his bed. Checking the security cameras they find out that it is actually Tyler with the troubles and he can possess someone’s body after touching an item they have touched.

This does not bode well for Nathan or Duke as both of them gave Tyler an item at the hospital. Tyler winds up possessing Duke and locking up Nathan and Lexie (Audrey).

Possessed Duke, as Tyler, heads back to the Gull where Duke’s brother is working. His brother gives fake Duke the idea that killing Tyler’s body will allow the possession to stick – Tyler is looking for a new body since his is paralyzed. He knocks out Duke’s brother and also runs into Jennifer who has decided to leave Haven. Fake Duke talks her into allowing him to come with her but says he has one quick stop before they leave – of course it is to kill his body so he can keep Duke’s.

Jennifer realizes this isn’t Duke as they arrive back at the hospital. Nathan and Lexie (Audrey) manage to get out of the locked room thanks to Lexie’s lock picking skills and find Jennifer outside the hospital. Nathan wants to go in and get Duke and stop Tyler but Lexie (Audrey) says she should go because according to him she isn’t affected by the troubles.

Inside Lexie (Audrey) confronts fake Duke, possessed by Tyler. Inside the room where Tyler’s body is Duke’s instincts, to kill those with troubles, kicks in and he kills Tyler thus releasing him from Tyler’s possession.

Two reveals close out the episode. First, Jordan has an idea that if Duke kills Audrey, since when he kills a troubled person their troubles leave them, then perhaps killing Audrey would end the troubles.

The second reveal comes on the heels of Lexie (Audrey) moving into Audrey’s old apartment. It is the biggest reveal and it is brought about by Duke.

Duke is shocked Lexie (Audrey) just backed away from trying to help him when Tyler possessed him. He says no matter who she is she wouldn’t do that. Then he questions how she would know his instincts would kick in unless if she was Lexie.

And there is the reveal. When Lexie walked through that door in the barn back to Haven, William told her she would come back as who she most wanted to be. And she did; she came back as Audrey.

Audrey hugs Duke as they are reunited. And why is Audrey lying? Because she knows if she is Audrey she would be forced, or coerced, to kill Nathan to end the curse and that is something she isn’t willing to do.

It was a nice turn of events and a great turn. The audience was expecting a reboot and trying to connect with this Lexie character with Audrey’s face just like Nathan. Instead there is a more layered story filled with mystery, leaving the fans waiting for the time Nathan discovers she has been Audrey all along.