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Haven 4×04 “Lost and Found” Recap


As the episode opens, “The Troubles” still plague Haven and Audrey, who believes she is Lexi, is still missing. Another typical day in season four of Haven.

Nathan is frantically searching for Audrey and not doing a very good job of balancing his search with his job on the police force. But that balance has to shift when preschool-aged children begin to go missing.

Just like most set-ups on the show “The Trouble” is introduced right off the bat, setting the episode in motion to solve it. Most of “The Troubles” throughout the first three seasons, and even the first three episodes of season four, have been something that I have flowed with and didn’t bother me very much. But this trouble just freaked me out.

Even as an adult I sleep with a night-light, so to have the scene with the little four-year-old girl hearing laughter after her mother safely tucked her in bed made my skin crawl. In the morning, the mother discovers her daughter missing and calls Haven PD.

Nathan and Chief Dwight Hendrickson are on the case. The mother believes her daughter was abducted but evidence soon reveals the little girl left her room on her own accord and the duo soon suspect a “trouble” is the cause.

As two more children are abducted, and the fear the children may die of exposure if not found, Nathan struggles with balancing the case and looking for Audrey. Duke keeps pushing Nathan to continue to try and find the children while he works with Jennifer to look for Audrey. Jennifer has heard bits and pieces of Audrey’s conversations in the barn but seems pressured by Nathan, and Duke is trying to clear her mind to channel Audrey again.

The levity between Jennifer and Duke really balances out the darkness of the “A” story – the missing children. The duo go through a myriad of exercises to try and clear Jennifer’s mind so she can listen for Audrey.

With the help of Dave and Vince, Nathan learns the children are being abducted by a Douen – a demon-like child who lures young children with their infectious laughter. The brothers tell Nathan that Douen are masters of deception and children who are taken are never found.

Dwight and Nathan believe a troubled person is creating the Douen and set out to find him or her. They discover the last child abducted has a favorite aunt who also runs the daycare center where all three abducted children attend. They first believe the woman is the troubled person when they go to her home and learn she and her husband have been trying to have children for years and all attempts have failed.

With the help of the woman’s husband, Dwight and Nathan go to the place the husband says he proposed to his wife. When they arrive, they find the woman playing with the missing children and the Douen.

Let’s halt for a moment and note these Douen creaures are just plain scary with razor sharp teeth and claws on their hands and feet. Add to that the group is twirling around in circles singing “Ring Around the Rosie” – a supposed children’s song that is actually about the black plague. No thank you…

In a nice twist, we realize it isn’t the woman who is troubled – but the husband. He has created the Douen because he is actually the one who is infertile and can’t give his wife what she desires most – children.

After the “trouble” of the week is solved it is back to finding Audrey.

In the slowly eroding barn, William is still trying to convince Lexi, who is Audrey, the barn is dying and she needs to leave or she will die too. It’s a leap of faith for “Lexi” to not believe what her eyes are showing her.

Find the door or you will die, open the door and go out into the vast abyss or you will die. How many could follow that advice?

Back in Haven, Jennifer and Duke follow the fog horn Jennifer has heard and find the door that will lead to Audrey. Nathan arrives and they try in vein to open the door, but to no avail. “Lexi” has shut the door again and questioning what she should do.

Add to that Jordan and her goons have shown up intent on Nathan having Audrey kill him when she comes back to end the troubles. Dave also arrives brandishing a guy saying they can’t allow Audrey return. The only good thing Jordan has done all season was take off her glove and shock Dave to end his threat.

What to do…

Well, “Lexi” decides what to do – take that leap of faith. She wants William to come too but he says he can’t and he will see her again.

With both doors open “Lexi” walks through and a huge blast sends everyone flying.

When Nathan awakes he looks around believing Audrey didn’t make it back and then he sees her slumped in the grass. He goes to her and wakes her up. Taking the handgun from Jordan, he gives it to Audrey – ready to accept his fate. He kisses Audrey and places the muzzle of the gun to his heart and pleads with her to kill him.

“Lexi”, with a perplexed expression, exclaims she isn’t going to kill anyone especially someone she has never met before.

And thus we have a reset, a reboot and more mystery surrounding Sarah, Lucy, Audrey and now Lexi.