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Doctor Who’s “A Christmas Carol” Special


What is Christmas without presents? Whether you’re giving or receiving, it’s a time of year that’s all about appreciation of people, in one form or another. So, I thought it was fitting to celebrate this Who special by offering the five things this episode features that I thought of as little presents to the fans.

1. Rory and Amy’s Costumes

How can this not be first on the list? Seeing a repirsal of what has become the signature “dress up” costumes of the newlyweds is awesome. Especially when used for sex. I assume they were role playing. yes?

What’s that? This show is for kids and shouldn’t have jokes about sex? Well, what is children’s programming if not for learning about the ways of the world?

2. Flying Fish

I was kind of annoyed with this bit of the story, because goddammit I had that same idea in a story I was working on and now it’s ruined. But, at least I got to see the same cool idea I had realized on a great episode of television.

3. Questionable Relationships

Seriously, the relationship between Kazran and Abigail is just odd. Her first meeting with him is when he’s a kid, so wouldn’t it be kind of creepy if they got it on later in life? Doctor Who apparently doesn’t think so. These writers fully endorse that strange relationship.

4. Young Adult Kazran

I really can’t blame Abigail for jumping on this dude, though, since once he’s grown up… damn. Just damn. But then he gets super old, and it’s sad again. I wonder if old Kazran and Abigail did it before she died…

5. Bittersweet Ending

I love stories like this, where time wreaks havoc on the lives of the characters. it happens so often on Doctor Who, and it goes down really well here. There’s a certain amount of heartbreak to this episode that fits really well with the Christmas season.