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Doctor Who 5×13 “The Big Bang” Review


The Daleks, Cybermen and others have imprisoned in the Pandorica the most dangerous creature in the universe – the Doctor, who they say will in the future destroy the universe.

Moving to 1996, a preteen Amy Pond visits a museum with her Aunt and opens the Pandorica, only to find the adult version of herself inside. Traveling back and forth in time, the Doctor tries to make sense of it all and find River Song, who is also missing. He realizes that there is only one explanation for a starless universe.

The end is here. After twelve episodes of strange cracks, stories and fairytales, and “Silence will fall!” we’ve gotten to the end.

The thing I find interesting about this episode is how it feels disjointed when connected to the penultimate episode of the season. It’s kind of impossible to adequately follow up the stars in the entire universe going out, though, so I can’t really blame the episode for falling a bit short when compared to the episode that came before.

However, the fact that this does occur ties in nicely with the theme of the season, even if I’m not sure that it was intentional (It really wasn’t. I’m pretty much just making up reasons for the final episode being a letdown when compared to “The Pandorica Opens.”).

Think about it, though. This entire series has been building on the the idea that fairy tales and stories that you may have heard about since you were little, that helped form who you are currently – all those things you thought you knew about whatever the subject of the stories might not be true, that they might fall short of your expectations.

This episode fits in perfectly with that idea. Sure, this episode seems like a bit of a letdown when compared to the bombasticness of the previous one. It’s even contained almost completely in a museum.

But this theme is about nothing if not bucking at the thought of expectation, and it’s exactly what happens in this episode.

Now, enough about that crap, let’s talk about what I loved, which was just about everything. I mean, Eleven is traipsing through his timeline using “dirty” time travel. Then there’s the fez, little Amelia, and then Big Amelia bringing The Doctor back from oblivion. You even have that moment from the Angel two-parter coming full circle. It’s glorious. Even if it feels slightly weak after the credits roll, this episode is great in the moment.

Rating: A