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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×05 “The Vulture” Recap


This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake has to battle “The Vulture” (Dean Winters), and Terry is working to reclaim his certification since he lost his edge in the field (with the help of Gina Linetti!). Let’s get into it.

Jake brings in an 81-year-old drug dealer at the start of the show and the whole crew discusses their oldest-person arrests. Boyle thinks that they’re discussing the oldest person they’ve ever slept with, so he discloses that he had sex with a 68-year-old woman when he was only 20. Arguably very gross. But also a little impressive. Anyway, we won’t get into judging that and press on.

The week’s main case is a murder that Jake is working on. He’s pretty sure it was the wife, but without a murder weapon the D.A. isn’t going to let him go in for the arrest. He gets offers to help him out with the case, but turns everyone down. This ‘I’m a lone wolf’ seems like it’s going to be a theme for Jake throughout the show. I mean who could forget his howling? That said, he does concede and take some help from Charles because, “He’s the least likely to steal my fire”.

The Captain’s mission this week is to ease Terry back into the field. Ever since Terry’s kids were born he hasn’t been able to handle field duty. So, with the aid of Gina, the Captain takes Terry to the shooting range to get him re-certified on his firearm. We get the flashback of him and Jake in the store when he lit up the mannequin. I like that we’re getting that April and Chris from Parks and Rec vibe between the Captain and Gina.

Back at the scene, Jake goes door-to-door looking for the murder weapon when he gets a call that he needs to return to the precinct ASAP. This is when “The Vulture” (Dean Winters) comes in. He’s notorious for swooping in when a case is almost solved and taking all the credit. Literally Jake’s worst nightmare. They’re forced to turn over all the files to him.

Jake brings everyone to the bar and is willing to buy them drinks as long as they’ll stay and talk revenge plots on The Vulture. Meanwhile, back at the range, Terry is almost done and re-certified but he can’t take his last shot.

At the bar, Jake is reading aloud all of the revenge possibilities. Even Charles’s, which was just to really burn some popcorn in his apartment. They decide to go with shrink wrapping The Vulture’s motorcycle. They call Gina to borrow her hair dryer, but the Captain gets on the phone to tell Jake that he needs to forget it and use this experience as a lesson. Next time, he should work with a team so he can solve his cases faster.

Jake interprets that as the Captain telling him that the best revenge is to solve the case before The Vulture can swoop in. Due to their drunkenness, they take the bus over to the scene and Jake fills them in on the way.

Terry is doing anything and everything to stall taking his last shot. Even going as far as retelling Top Gun. The fact that Terry is both an accomplished artist and film buff makes him one of my favorites.

The gang at the crime scene are role playing the crime and figure out that the weapon was a corkscrew with a magnet on it and it got caught in the trash chute. They get caught by other cops while dangling Charles upside down. Busted.


In a stunning turn of events, Charles was able to grab to corkscrew, “We out vultured the Vulture!”

Unfortunately, the Vulture is going to report them for their drunken crime fighting. So to buy out his silence, Jake hands over the weapon and gives up his glory for the team. Jake even takes the full blame from the Captain and keeps everyone else from getting in trouble.

Finally, in order to get Terry to take his last shot, Gina threatens to make him her boyfriend since he’ll be hanging around the station. Terry almost immediately takes his shot in order to avoid that hell sentence.

This episode got them right back on track. It was hilarious, had great character development, and all the storylines felt complete. I think we’re getting a better sense as to what each character is going to be struggling with throughout the show as a whole (Jake and his thirst for glory, Gina’s desire to not really do anything, etc).

As with any show, the deeper you get into it, the funnier it’s going to be due to the fact that we’re learning more about their history together. It’s tough for comedies early on because comedy is about connecting with the audience and requires that bit of history. Brooklyn is doing a great job, though, and is looking good for getting that second season nod (fingers crossed!).

Rating: A

Written by: Tim O’Halloran