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America’s Next Top Model 20×11 “The Girl Who Gets Punked” Recap


Alright, comebacks have ended on this episode of America’s Next Top Model — “The Girl Who Gets Punked”!

With bated breath, the three men — Mike, Jeremy and Phil — stood in front of Tyra to learn what would become of them. The numbers rolled and rolled for what seemed like forever until one by one, Mike and Phil were let go, leaving Mr. Jeremy Rohmer to bask in his glory. And honestly, I’m not disappointed (he’s cute — OK, I said it!), just slightly surprised.

Then again, he has social media wrapped around his fingers… for now. So, what’s next for these ladies and ‘gents? Travel time to Bali! But before they can pack their bags, one more person will have to go home. Sad face.

Aside from Miss Alex Agro and Mr. Jeremy Rohmer’s returns, Chris H. won best photo for the week for his vampire-esque picture in the woods. Hey, don’t look at me, Tyra even mentioned it reminded her of Twilight!

Then, soon after the results for comebacks, drama transpired back at the house over some damn unwashed dishes. Apparently, the ladies can’t clean up after themselves, to which Chris H. wrote Post-It notes to them about being nasty asses alongside their dirty dishes. Hahaha!

Naturally, the ladies took offense and the kitchen became a war zone. However, things escalated quickly as unnecessary remarks dug deep. But thank goodness for Cory, who stepped in to tell them all to get off their high horses and apologize to each other. All’s well that ends well.

Next up, they had a challenge. This time, they were tested on their commitment at a commercial shoot, where they had to take ridiculous requests from fake director, comedian Reggie Watts. The shoot was for a beverage called Quaff and featured a green screen, giant stuffed moose head, stuffed unicorn head on a stick, and a blue kiddie pool, among other things.

The contestants wore a yellow suit the entire time Mr. Watts shouted directions at them. It was quite hard not to laugh at everyone being so openly awkward. And of course, Jourdan pissed everyone off yet again by winning the challenge, considering it was between her and Alex. Oh well! Girl’s in it to win it!

Once they returned home, everyone’s challenge scores are revealed, to which several are more concerned than others. That being said, some of them are shown worrying about doing well in the upcoming photo shoot.

The following day, they’re taken to a high school, to which Cory noted how that time in his life wasn’t the ish and how unpleasant it was to briefly relive those memories. Once they entered the gymnasium to meet up with Johnny Wujek, the creative director, he informed the contestants that they’d be shooting pictures of their flaws.

At that moment, he asked them all what “flawsome” means, to which they reveal that it’s a mash-up of “flaws” and “awesome.” Wujek explained that “flawsome” is about making your flaws work for you rather than against you.

Tyra then gracefully waltzed into the room to join Wujek in order to provide the photoshoot details to the contestants. She told them that they’d be part of a cool group of kids just minding their business, but within the photo, their flaw would be accentuated as a beautiful asset. And as a perfect accent to their photos, she introduced a famous “flawsome” supermodel, Shaun Ross, who is known for being the first male albino model.

While providing pointers before the shoot, she brought out another guest in the form of Disney Channel teen sensation, Zendaya, star of Shake It Up and former contestant of Dancing With The Stars.

The flaws were then distributed, with Chris H. receiving a fake gap in his front teeth, Jeremy and his duck lips, Jourdan and her unibrow, Renee and her Tyra forehead, Alex and her big hips, Nina and her humungous eyes, Don and his twig legs, Marvin and his mole, and Cory and his widow’s peak.

Overall, Chris H. managed to go down a spiral for this shoot, clearly overanalyzing his poses. Jeremy left Johnny and the photographer unimpressed and disappointed, again — mentioning he is still giving one-note faces and poses. Jourdan wasn’t her usual kick-ass self. Alex had hips, but didn’t use ’em.

And lastly, Renee worked it this time around. Nina freaked out the photographer with her huge doll eyes in a good way. Don left Wujek amused with his believably lanky legs. Marvin had his Cindy Crawford moment. Then Cory finally kicked it back into gear after a few slightly lackluster takes.

After the shoot, everyone was anxious for judging panel, while some retained hope that they did well.

At panel, a few received a 10 from Tyra whereas judges Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans were on the tip of their tongues in giving perfect scores. Again, art is subjective. Even one-note Jeremy received a high score from Tyra despite the comments at the shoot. Cutrone also felt he reached his objective this time around. Evans actually agreed with Wujek. Just shows you never know what will happen to your photos in the end.

Sadly, Jourdan didn’t get her usual compliments and the judges seemed to mostly agree with the feedback at the shoot with the rest of the contestants.

However, the surprises didn’t stop there. Girl comeback contestant Alex ended up having a possible panic attack after her photo. While Tyra spoke with them after judging was finished, Alex obviously wasn’t feeling well. She wasn’t even feeling well while her photo was being judged. Of course, the camera focused on her twitching next to Jeremy before finally kneeling down to watch her balance. A few seconds later, she gets up to leave the room. Cue commercial break.

When the show returns, the poor girl was shown in the hallway kneeling down and crying. She explained to the camera how dizzy she felt, thus being brought into the waiting room. The camera then switched back to judging panel with Tyra noting Alex’s condition, stating that she is still in the running.

One by one, she called out each name from highest to lowest score, leaving Chris H. and Alex to battle it out in social media. Chris ultimately gets lucky by a few decimal points. Poor, poor Alex. Social media didn’t save her this time. What a way to go, eh?

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Written by: Angelica Consuelo Valera