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‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 4 Recap – “Fearful Pranks Ensue”

It’s Halloween!

New Orleans 1961: A group of white men chase down a young black teen named Henry. His mother, a hairdresser at Marie Laveau’s salon, discovers that Henry – who had just finished his first day at an integrated high school – has been lynched and she weeps over his body.

As revenge, Marie resurrects a bunch of dead bodies and has them brutally kill the white men responsible.

Present: Spalding hears Fiona and Madison arguing downstairs and he arrives just in time to witness Fiona slit Madison’s throat. As he rolls up the carpet with Madison’s body, Fiona yammers on about how Madison would have made a lousy Supreme.

Suddenly, they hear a noise. Outside, Fiona finds Queenie, injured from The Minotaur’s attack. Fiona wakes Cordelia up and the two attempt to heal Queenie, while also arguing about their separate visits to Marie Laveau. Fiona is able to revive Queenie using her Supreme level magic.

In Fiona’s bedroom, LaLaurie tells Fiona about Queenie saving her life.

The next day, Laveau receives a box from Fiona containing The Minotaur’s head.

Meanwhile, Zoe continues to show her incompetence by not keeping a watchful eye over Frankenstein Kyle (who just murdered his rapist mother); Kyle ends up leaving the house to god knows where.

Back at the school, LaLaurie comments how Fiona looks beautiful.

At the salon, Marie is plotting her revenge, grabbing her magical tools. One of her hairdressers, Gentile, pleads with Marie to not start a war with Fiona (“those white bitches”). Gentile reminds Marie that she’d been a hero by making peace with those other witches. Marie and Fiona’s predecessor, Anna Leigh, had signed a peace treaty in the ’70s agreeing not to cross each other’s territories.

Marie, however, declares that the truce is over.

Meanwhile, Cordelia’s husband is in Baton Rouge. Right after Cordelia gets off the phone with him, it’s revealed that her husband is cheating on her with a young redhead.

At the school, Queenie is still recovering from her injuries. An emotional LaLaurie is extremely grateful to Queenie for saving her life. Nan enters the room to inform Cordelia that the Council, which includes the eccentric-looking Myrtle Snow, is here.

Cordelia first mistakes their visit having to do with Queenie’s assault. She then assumes it’s because she went to visit Marie Laveau. Actually, it turns out the Council was summoned by Nan, who – thanks to her powers – suspects that Madison is dead. The Council proceeds to question everyone at the school.

Nan tells them that Madison had developed more than one power. She set the neighbor’s curtains on fire just by looking at them. The Council wants to know who else knew about Madison’s abilities. Nan gives them a knowing look.

In Baton Rouge, Hank kills the redhead.

Back at the school, the Council meets with Fiona to question her about Madison’s death. In a flashback to the ’70s, after Fiona murdered Anna Leigh, a young Fiona tells the Council that Anna Leigh took a bottle of wine to the voodoo witches’ territory.

A young Myrtle Snow, however, suspects that Fiona murdered Anna Leigh. She casts a spell enchanting Spalding’s tongue so he can’t lie to the Council about what happened to Anna Leigh. That night, however, Spalding loses his tongue. Fiona gives Myrtle a smug look.

In the present, Myrtle says it’s time for Fiona to pay for every crime she’s committed. She asks Spalding to write down the name of the person responsible for severing his tongue.

Spalding writes down “Myrtle Snow.” After overhearing that young Myrtle Snow had enchanted his tongue, Spalding cut off his own tongue because he was in love with Fiona.

Myrtle is hysterical. She accuses Fiona of killing Madison because she was going to be the next Supreme; therefore, she posed a threat. Cordelia jumps to her mother’s defense, however. She says that Madison was not the next Supreme because she had a heart murmur. One of the signs of a Supreme is being absolutely healthy.

At the hair salon, Marie Laveau performs her magic.

At the school, Nan is lighting candles for Madison. Zoe and Queenie don’t think that Madison is dead, however.

Spalding, meanwhile, is playing dress-up with Madison’s dead body.

Fiona and Cordelia are having mother-daughter time, at a bar. Fiona says the reason she doesn’t like Cordelia’s husband is that he reeks of bullshit. She also lies about not killing Madison.

Later, Cordelia goes to the bathroom to throw up. A mysterious hooded figure approaches her and throws some acidic liquid in her face.

At the school, LaLaurie is attending to trick or treaters. The hot neighbor from next door drops by to give Nan some cookies. When LaLaurie goes to open the door this time, three zombies are standing outside. Frightened, LaLaurie shuts the door.

Outside, a whole group of zombies – at Marie Laveau’s command – are slowly approaching the school.

Memorable Quotes

Queenie: Madison Montgomery is a stone cold bitch who loves hard drinking, big dicks, and trouble. If she’s dead, it’s probably because she got wasted and offered the Grim Reaper a handjob.

Rating: A-