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“Night Vale”: Epic Poem?

I really like watching YouTube videos.

I’m not just talking about the occasional funny cat video or ball-to-crotch clip, but the whole community that exists in a sort of underground, not-quite-celebrity netherworld.

Some vloggers focus on funny everyday observations, while others try to take on social justice, one issue at a time.

If you look, there are all sorts of thought-provoking topics and entertaining personalities to be found. Relatively new vlogger BlinkPopShift is one of them. Recently, I came across her video that discusses Welcome to Night Vale and basically how the podcast is a modern version of an epic poem (you know, Beowulf status).

While I don’t necessarily agree completely with the argument she makes, I have to commend her for taking a look at how things used to be, how they are now, and updating what our idea of a classic genre in literature could look like nowadays.

If you want, you can check out more of her videos on her YouTube page, here.