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“New Girl” Season 3 Premiere Review


The season 3 premiere of New Girl – “All In” – picks up where we last saw Nick and Jess at the end of the season 2 finale: the two confess their attraction to one another and drive off like they’re recreating the ending to an 80’s romantic comedy.

They don’t get very far, however, and both return to the loft where Schmidt is in peril over Cece’s love confession. Sensing that the loft spells trouble for Nick and Jess’ new, burgeoning relationship, the two quickly depart… for Mexico, and Schmidt is left to his own devices.

At the end of season 2, Cece called off her wedding and told Schmidt that she wanted to be with him. Only trouble is that Schmidt is dating Elizabeth, his college sweetheart, and he can’t bring himself to choose.

Of course, this leads to Schmidt duping both Elizabeth and Cece and “crazy hijinks” are sure to ensue with this storyline. For me, unfortunately, this was the weakest part of the episode. We’ve seen this storyline play out in numerous TV shows and it never ends well for the person caught in the middle. (Abed recreates this trope on Community in the episode “Herstory of Dance”.)

Meanwhile, Winston – as usual – brings the most comedy in this episode when he randomly decides to put together a puzzle. Problem is that Winston is terrible at puzzles and – in typical Winston fashion – is completely unaware of this fact. He also unwittingly gets roped into Schmidt’s lie, which leads to an argument between the two, since neither of them can get along without Nick serving as a buffer.

The episode ends with Nick getting arrested and Jess, Winston, and Schmidt having to go “rescue” him. Once again, Nick and Jess are faced with the loft dilemma and what the consequences of living together will be on their blossoming relationship.

Jess’ reasoning for why they have to stay in the loft is flimsy, but the entire premise of the show dictates that Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston must all live together. There will be plenty of drama and turmoil in Nick and Jess’ relationship henceforth.

I’m not very invested in their relationship, but it’s slightly more interesting than Schmidt’s drama with Cece and Elizabeth. Schmidt and Cece have had a long back-and-forth with each other, throughout the series, and it’s always been my least favorite aspect of the show.

Right now, Winston is the best, most underrated part of New Girl. This season, Coach – who was written out of the show when Damon Wayans Jr.’s other show Happy Endings was picked up for a second season – will make his way back for a multi-episode arc.

Other guests stars who will make an appearance this season include Taye Diggs, Eva Amurri, Angela Kinsey, and Dreama Walker, star of another one of ABC’s canceled sitcoms – Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23.

Rating: B-