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Graceland 1×11 “Happy Endings” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Graceland

Here we go, it’s Graceland recap time!

1. A New Dynamic Duo

Now that Paige is in the know, Mike convinces her to help him. He plays the “I got stabbed” card, and has her place a tracker on Briggs’ car, so they can see if he’ll lead them to Juan’s abandoned car.

2. The Joke’s on Them

Little do they know, Briggs figures they’ll do this (he has been running a secret criminal empire, after all). So, he calls in a favor with Jakes to disappear the car using Jakes’ customs know-how (and it’s all no questions asked apparently).

3. Briggs Comes Clean

When Briggs and Jakes get to where the car should be, they find it’s been taken by some Mongrel gang members. After he blows up, Jakes asks Briggs why the car is so important, and Briggs tells him everything (except the part about him being a drug kingpin). Jakes is pissed.



4. No Charlie, Don’t Go in There

Charlie meets with the Mexican federal police officer and they agree to trade all their information. They go back to his hotel, but just before she goes in with him, Johnny calls and tells her he’s found one of Odin’s old dealers. She takes a rain check on the info swap to follow up on the lead. It’s a good thing too, because an earlier scene shows that the guy is packing some serious torture devices. Either he’s an undercover villain, or he’s got a serious S & M fetish.

5. Showdown at a Doughnut Shop

Both Briggs and Jakes and Mike and Paige figure out who has the car and head for his place of business. Briggs knows him through an alias and agrees to a job with him in order to get access to the car’s listening device. Mike almost blows Briggs’ cover when he walks in and offers his help in whatever robbery is planned. See, Briggs was supposed to get Jakes’ help, but the little angel of good (who is seeming awfully smug these days) gets there first.

6. The Plan(s)

Briggs asks Jakes to take Mike down first when they’re arrested during the job. This will give Briggs enough time to get into the car and destroy the tape before everyone is hauled away in a mock arrest. Meanwhile, Mike and Paige discuss how Briggs is seeming more and more guilty. Paige is positive the family that has been built up in the last few months is about to be ripped apart.



7. Charlie, Undercover

Charlie and her Federale friend go undercover (with Johnny listening in) and meet with the same guy who got Charlie’s old CI to OD. Their attempt to get him to call Odin goes south, and Charlie ends up beating the shit out of the guy in revenge.

8. The Job

Briggs and Mike are picked up in a decoy car, forcing them to go through with the job. Mike gets increasingly uncomfortable (especially when he learns they’re robbing a massage parlor) and ends up handcuffing Briggs at the scene, so that he can’t get to the getaway car (that has the recording) first. Thinking Mike has won, Briggs goes home and prepares to skip town. However, when Mike finally gets to check the car, the device is missing.


Good episode. I’m really liking the rivalry building between Mike and Briggs, and I’m liking that the rest of the house has become divided between them. It’s going to make any possible season two really interesting, since it’s looking like the show will have to completely reinvent itself.

Rating: A

Check out the preview for next week’s season finale: