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FIFA 14 Soundtrack Countdown Pt. 7

The next installment of EA’s popular soccer franchise FIFA arrives next week! How many of you already got your hands on the demo? Exciting stuff, right?!

In anticipation of the game’s release, we’ve been counting down the weeks by focusing on some of our favorite tracks from past installments. Catch up to us by listening to the tunes in Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5, and Pt. 6. We’re one more post away from the end!

FIFA 2010 World Cup

Buraka Som Sistema – “Restless”

2010 brought us a World Cup tournament and, with it, another EA FIFA World Cup game. This was the year when Spain won its first World Cup title after defeating Netherlands in overtime.

Buraka Som Sistema hail from Spain’s neighbor, Portugal, and are the Portuguese equivalent of Basement Jaxx who also appear on this soundtrack. Sistema was created in 2006 by João Barbosa (Li’l John), Rui Pité (DJ Riot), Andro Carvalho (Conductor) and Kalaf Ângelo and mixes traditional kuduro music with techno and breakbeat. In other words, damn good music!


Massive Attack – “Splitting The Atom”

This isn’t your typical FIFA track. Massive Attack have held the title of Most Important Trip-Hop Act for nearly three decades thanks to the group’s production work and unique sound that focuses equally on uplifting beats as well as dark, creepy numbers.

“Splitting The Atom” easily falls into the latter category and the video is just as haunting, to say the least. The track comes from 2010’s Heligoland.


La Vida Boheme – “El Buen Salvaje”

This song was just the beginning for La Vida Boheme. The rock band from Caracas, Venezuela went on to earn Latin Grammy and Grammy nominations, a tour of the world, and released its second album a few months ago. “El Buen Salvaje” is one of the singles from the band’s debut, Nuestra (Ours), besides “Radio Capital” and “Danze.”

The song is a rock anthem that chugs along with the slow-building inertia of a freight train and hinted at the depth of singer Henry D’Arthenay’s lyrical imagination. La Vida Boheme are a band I recommend to everyone whether or not they understand Spanish.

Written by: Afroxander