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FIFA 14 Soundtrack Countdown Pt. 4

The next installment of EA’s popular soccer franchise FIFA is just under a month away and anyone who’s watched any of the previews has re-adjusted their jaw from the floor numerous times already. 3D fans in the stadiums? COUNT ME IN!

Besides the annual graphical and gameplay updates, FIFA fans also have a new soundtrack to look forward to. EA has yet to release the complete list of songs that will appear in this year’s game so, in anticipation of FIFA 14′s soundtrack, we present our favorite tracks from previous installments.

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FIFA 2005

Mala Rodriguez – “Jugadoras, Jugadores”

This one was very difficult. Continuing from the impressive soundtrack of last year’s installment, FIFA 2005 boasted an impressive roster of artists with licensed and original songs. Paul Oakenfold returned with the original theme “Beautiful Goal” exclusively for the game. This year’s installment was also heavy on contributions from alt./indie rock acts and Latin alternative artists: Air,Nortec Collective, Los Amigos Invisibles, Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, Scissor Sisters… I can’t praise this collection enough.

The award for Best Track out of this amazing lineup goes to “Jugadoras, Jugadores” by Mala Rodriguez. The song introduced the young female MC from Cadiz, Spain to the world and her music has only gotten better since then. Don’t believe me? Listen to her two latest singles, “La Rata” and “33,” and try to tell me I’m wrong.


DuSouto – “Ie Mae Jah”

You can’t talk about football/soccer without ever giving a nod to Brazil and the contributions of its countrymen. DuSouto hails from Natal, the capital city of Rio Grando Do Norte. “Ie Mae Jah” comes from their 2005 debut album DuSouto No Samba. The trio does play samba but they also mix it up with drum n’ bass, funk, and reggae. It’s beyond me why this group isn’t more popular than it is. Swing over to their website and download their latest album, Cretino!, free of charge.

FIFA 2006

LCD Soundsystem – “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”

It was very difficult to choose just one track as my favorite off this soundtrack especially considering how the music transported me back to my days at my rock n’ roll party palace (my apartment/neighborhood) in Hollywood at the time. Plus, there’s no shortage of great music here though that may just be my nostalgia talking.

The final vote went to LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” because LCD founder James Murphy is my hipster anti-hero who wrote the soundtracks to my own personal life without ever meaning to. Hey, it just happened that way!

I do want to tip my afro to a couple of other artists whose songs tickle my nostalgia bone: Bloc PartyDamian Jr. Gong Marley, Nine Black Alps, and The Rakes.

Written by: Afroxander