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“Big Sur” Trailer

“Big Sur,” though autobiographical, tells the story of Jack Duluoz (the Jack Kerouac character, to be played by Barr) and his relationship to fame following his sudden literary success (“On the Road” was released in 1957) and his troubles with substance abuse.

Spread across three trips to Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s (called Lorenzo Monsanto in the book) cabin in the wilderness of Big Sur, the story also features Duluoz’s relationship with Billie (Jackie Gibson Mercer in real life and Bosworth in the film), the mistress of his best friend, Cody Pomeray (Neal Cassady, to be played by Lucas).

Jack Kerouac’s work seems to be going through somewhat of a cinematic resurgence lately, with a film adaptation of On the Road last year, and now a follow up of his novel Big Sur.

The two movies have nothing to do with one another in reality (unless this film is using the first as sort of free publicity), but it’s interesting that these films are being released in an order that is somewhat thematically relevant (On the Road comes first, then is followed up by Big Sur, which deals with the fame from the first book).

Despite On the Road having some good onscreen talent, Big Sur looks like it will be a superior adaptation, so I’m kind of interested in seeing it. I’ll leave it up to future promotional material to completely sell me, but for now, I’ll put it on my “movies I might see” list.

Big Sur has been making the film festival rounds, but doesn’t have an official release date yet.