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Adam Pally Will Be a Regular on “The Mindy Project”



I could make a Happy Endings cancellation pun, but I don’t want to be that guy. Instead, I’ll just give it to you straight, unlike gay character Max on Happy Endings would – ha, I still got some sort of terrible pun out of this headline!

Adam Pally, fresh off the demise of the ABC sitcom, has been upped to series regular on Mindy Kaling’s sophomore show, The Mindy Project. Over the summer, it was announced that Pally would come on board as a recurring player for an unspecified amount of episodes. He is portraying a fellow doctor at Mindy’s practice.

It would appear that he was a good fit for the cast, because the character, set to appear for the first time in the October 1 episode, will be sticking around on a much more permanent basis.

This news has me torn. On one hand, I’m a fan of Pally’s work, and I’m all for the the Happy Endings crew getting work post-cancellation. However, I’m just not a fan of Kaling’s show (yet I still watch, because I am an emotional masochist).

One of the major issues I have with it is the amount of characters that aren’t utilized well enough to justify their existence. Kaling did the same thing last year when she deleted certain characters, then added new ones and ended up with more recurring and regular characters than she had started out with.

It’s already been proven that the way to “fix” this show is not to add new characters. Kaling should be working on improving the cast she’s got, not introducing new characters, no matter how talented and hilarious the actors portraying them are.

What do you think about this news?