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A Las Vegas Love Story in The Killers’ “Shot at the Night”

Give me a shot at the night
Give me a moment, some kinda mysterious

Check out the music video for The Killer’s new song, “Shot at the Night,” which was produced by French electronic band M83. Set in Las Vegas, The Killer’s hometown, a young woman (Bella Heathcote) working as a maid for one of Vegas’ luxurious hotels gets swept up in a night filled with romance, makeovers, dancing, gambling, and – of course – riding in Vespas with cute boys.

Max Minghella (The Social Network, The Ides of March) plays the attractive pedestrian she nearly runs over with her car. He ends up being one of the guests at the hotel where she works, and he and his friends convince her to dress up and go out with them. It’s a Las Vegas love story, brought to you by The Killers and M83.

Meanwhile, scenes of the two lovers are interspersed with scenes of lead singer Brandon Flowers singing by himself.

It’s a lovely music video and it made me like the song even more. Not to mention Heathcote and Minghella are both great to look at!