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9 TV Spin-Offs We Want to See in 2014


Main characters are all well and good, but we’re ready to see our favorite bit players and guest stars take center stage. So step aside, established storyline, and make room for a kookier lot.

Spin-Off: Better Call Saul
Original Show: Breaking Bad
Premise: After living through the rise and inevitable fall of Heisenberg, Saul Goodman, Albuquerque’s morally ambiguous lawyer extraordinaire, looks to move his practice to Vegas. Not surprisingly, the bright lights and seedy underbelly of the party city turn out to be ripe grounds for Saul and his “associates” — though one or two trips to Belize are still to be expected. (Real spin-off potential here!)

Spin-Off: Master Who
Original Show: Doctor Who
Premise: Sure, the Doctor is a great protagonist, but let’s see the BBC tackle the darker and more twisted adventures of the kind Time Lord’s psychotic counterpart. For starters, the Master probably wears more leather, has an edgier soundtrack, and flies through time and space in an Iron Maiden torture box (it’s bigger on the inside, too). See, you so would watch that.

Spin-Off: The Ghosts of Downton Abbey
Original Show: Downton Abbey
Premise: Stay with me here, but there are (spoiler alert) a lot of dead bodies stacking up over at Downton Abbey. From a dashing Turkish diplomat to — let’s face it — the most likable Crawley daughter, the ghost cast of the English manor is a pretty fun bunch. Plus, they could even throw ghostly dinner parties for other famous dead people when they’re not haunting the living.

Spin-Off: Morgan
Original Show: The Walking Dead
Premise: Sure, Morgan’s not doing too well, holed up in his booby-trapped corner of King County, but the guy makes for some irresistible TV. Morgan would be a sadder, bleaker look at the world of The Walking Dead. It would depict the psychological deterioration of a man, haunted by the past and hunted by the dead. You know those episodes where Rick kept seeing Lori? It’ll be just like that, but better because Morgan keeps having to kill his imaginary wife over and over again to make up for not doing it before.

Spin-Off: She-Wolf
Original Show: Game of Thrones
Premise: Remember that terribly depressing episode back in Season 1 when Arya had to chase off her beloved direwolf Nymeria? Okay, so Nymeria is totally kicking ass in the Riverlands right now. In A Feast for Crows, a dying Frey reports that his men were attacked by a “she-wolf of monstrous size.” Unfortunately, since there’s no POV character to chronicle the direwolf’s Frey-hunting adventures (thanks, George R.R. Martin), we’re missing out on all the fun. She-Wolf — starring motion capture expert Andy Serkis in the role of Nymeria — would fix this.

Spin-Off: How I Met Your Father
Original Show: How I Met Your Mother
Premise: I know, I know — This is easy pickings, but you’ve got to admit it might be a little fun to see the story unfold from the other side. Cristin Milloti, the actress playing “the Mother” in How I Met Your Mother‘s final season, will star in the spin-off sitcom. The main difference is that this show will only run for one season because someone in that relationship needs to be a succinct storyteller, and it sure isn’t Ted. (Real spin-off potential here!)

Spin-Off: CSI: Rosewood
Original Show: CSI
Premise: This kinda writes itself, right? I don’t even watch Pretty Little Liars, but I can tell the local P.D. has no clue what they’re doing. How does it fall upon four teenage girls to unravel a murder mystery? Send in the CSI crew and you’ve got the basis for a fashion-forward procedural the whole family can enjoy.

Spin-Off: Once Upon a Time in Neverland
Original Show: Once Upon a Time
Premise: So I’m legitimately unhappy that the folks behind ABC’s Once Upon a Time went with Wonderland for a spin-off setting instead of Neverland. Yeah, I get that Neverland’s denizens are so awesome that the original show wants to keep them around, but still… Pirate ships and mermaids and Lost Boys? I’ll take them over the Queen of Hearts any day.

Spin-Off: Tommy Fresh
Original Show: Parks and Recreation
Premise: If you’re a fan of this NBC comedy, then you know that the Parks department’s most enterprising employee is severely underutilized. So let’s let Tom Haverford loose! Give us 30 glorious minutes of chicky-chicky-parm-parm and DJ Roomba and Snake Juice. Leave the government shenanigans to Leslie Knope and other Pawnee citizens who don’t know how to treat themselves right.

Written by: Hayley I.