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Top 5 ‘Elementary’ Season 1 Episodes

elementary season 1

I went into the first season of Elementary with pretty low expectations. However, the relationship between the characters, mainly Joan (Lucy Liu) and Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller), won me over fairly quickly and I haven’t looked back since.

Now it’s the tale end of summer and I have a multitude of mindless tasks that need doing – and I need something entertaining to keep me sane. So, I’ve been going back through season one and caught myself up on the first year of NYPD happenings in preparation for season two.

Today, I figured I’d share with you my five personal favorite episodes from season one:

5. “The Leviathan”

Sherlock is in his near-OCD state in this one. His utter horror and show of stubbornness at the fact that he can’t figure out how someone could break into a bank vault is a hell of show. Not to mention the Watson family drama: who doesn’t love Mama Watson after she admits she just wants to see her daughter happy, and she can tell that sleuthing is what does it?

4. “M.”

This is the episode that fully separates Elementary from its CBS procedural brethren. It almost completely abandons formula and turns Holmes into the suspect for a good portion of the second half. Plus it’s the one that really starts to dive into the Moriarty arc.

3. “Snow Angels”

This episode isn’t notable due to its mostly uninteresting case – instead, it’s compelling because of the circumstances surrounding that case: namely the storm that forces the dynamic duo to do some sleuthing “in the stone ages,” as Holmes puts it. We’re also introduced to this version’s Ms. Hudson (who’s awesome) and snow plow driver Pam (who I demand become a recurring character next season – I don’t know why I love her so much, but I do).

2. “Deja-Vu All Over Again”

Joan goes full private eye and even changes her faux-Facebook work status from “Sober Companion” to “Consulting Detective.” What more could you want? Oh, right – she does that after solving a super interesting and twisty case.

1. “Heroine”

I wasn’t a huge fan of the version of Irene Adler this show went with at first, but once the truth about the character (that she’s Moriarty) was revealed, I got on board. The interaction between her and Holmes, after he finds out who she really is, is top notch. That relationship, on top of the fact that Joan is the one to take her down, makes up for the disappointing case-of-the-week.

What are your favorite episodes from Season One?