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The Twelfth Doctor Has Been Revealed


So, after a loooong wait, it has finally happened. During a BBC special that aired at 11 a.m. Pacific time stateside, we learned who the Twelfth Doctor is going to be.

Drumroll please… it’s Peter Capaldi!

Photo: BBC/Des Willie

Photo: BBC/Des Willie

It seems that Steven Moffat is changing up the dynamic of the show going into its eighth series. Since the start of the New Who, we’ve gotten a younger Doctor with each regeneration, so this is the first time we’ll be skewing older. In fact, this regeneration will be offering up the oldest Doctor since the show started back up in 2005.

While it’s nice that we’re going for something new this time around, I still find it kind of odd that the producers weren’t going for someone closer to Matt Smith’s (the Eleventh Doctor) age.

Based on the trajectory of series 7, and the overall flirty nature of Eleven and Clara’s (Jenna Coleman) relationship, I would have expected their semi-coupledom to continue. However, there’s now a 28 year age difference between the two characters. While I’m all for a May-December romance, I would prefer the months to occur in the same calendar year (10 years tops, people). Nearly three decades is…an awfully big difference.

With that in mind, I have to assume that their chemistry will be changing going forward. I expect any Whouffle shipping (a mix of “Who” and “SoufflĂ© Girl” – one of Clara’s many nicknames) will have to be put to rest.

I’m not at all opposed to the change, however, since now we’ll most likely be getting a mentor-mentee relationship between the two. That could prove to be very interesting based on how hard the romance was being pushed toward the end of the series. Plus, we’ll now get to see Clara figure out her feelings towards this man who used to have a different face. That should prove to provide some awesome dramatic territory for the duo.

It’s also important to note that Capaldi is no stranger to Who. For starters, he was able to grow up watching the program, unlike all the twenty-something companions that have been cast as of late. This familiarity could either help or hurt him. He will either be comfortable enough with the show’s background to do something original, or so familiar that his performance could turn out derivative of his favorite Doctor. I’m not too worried though, since Smith was a fan before being cast and managed to make the role his own.

Also, following in a long line of previous cast members (Karen Gillan, Freema Agyeman), Capaldi has appeared on the program before (and on its spinoff, Torchwood). So, he should at least be comfortable with the inner workings of the set, which should be good.

Overall, I’m excited and nervous to see how Capaldi will handle the role going forward. But no matter what, I’m sure I’ll be entertained in some capacity.

How do you guys feels about the new casting?