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“Paradise” Trailer

Lamb Mannerheim’s faith is shaken after a plane crash burns two-thirds of her body, and she shocks her small-town congregation when she publicly renounces God. As she sets out to experience the worldly pleasures of Las Vegas, she meets a bartender and a cynical lounge singer who help her check off as many dirty deeds as possible from her Napkin of Sin bucket list. – IMDB

I was a big fan of Diablo Cody’s first movie, Juno. After that, everything she’s done has seemed to range from crappy to just okay. Stuff like Jennifer’s Body made me cringe (because it was bad), while Young Adult… well, it also made me cringe – but in that case, that was the point.

This time around, I’m hoping the trailer doesn’t accurately portray what the movie’s about because it doesn’t look all that great. However, I’m cautiously optimistic that Cody will make a comeback and get back into the business of writing great films. I’m also hoping her first turn as a director will be a positive and not spell disaster.

Paradise stars Julianne Hough, Russell Brand, Octavia Spencer, Holly Hunter, and Nick Offerman. It comes out October 18.

What do you think of the trailer?