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FIFA 14 Soundtrack Countdown Pt. 2

The next installment of EA’s popular soccer franchise FIFA is just under a month away and anyone who’s watched any of the previews has re-adjusted their jaw from the floor numerous times already. 3D fans in the stadiums? COUNT ME IN!

Besides the annual graphical and gameplay updates, FIFA fans also have a new soundtrack to look forward to. EA has yet to release the complete list of songs that will appear in this year’s game so, in anticipation of FIFA 14’s soundtrack, we present our favorite tracks from previous installments.

Don’t dive in without reading Pt. 1 though!


Paul Van Dyk – “Out There And Back”

Information on this game was difficult to come by. One source claimed that half the tracks on the Euro 2000 compilation album were on the game while another claimed that DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold was the sole artist for the game. I’m going to go with the former because, well, it’s just so terrible and hilariously¬†cheesy!

This installment of the series made the leap from breakbeat hardcore to trance and techno. It makes sense, really, considering it’s made specifically for our friends across the Atlantic and what we Yankees once called “Euro Trance” was all the rage back then.

There’s a lot of cheesy stuff in here such as Nagano All Stars’ “Push It To The Limit” and E Type’s “Campione.” Paul Van Dyk’s track, thankfully, is anything but.

FIFA 2000

Elite Force – “Call It Brisco”

With FIFA 2K, Electronic Arts began adding music from other genres. Reel Big Fish and Gay Dad (yes, that’s a real band name) shared the bill with the usual gang of bassheads. Sadly, there isn’t one standout track in this soundtrack. The whole thing seems like a list of “top hits” thrown together at the last minute because the company needed something to play during the menu screens.

Elite Force’s “Call It Brisco” is a nice one though and it reminds me of Propellerheads (they had a nice hit with “History Repeating”) from around the same era.

FIFA 2001

Curve – “Chinese Burn (Lunatic Calm remix)”

This is a two-in-one. The original track is by Curve, a electronic/alternative rock duo from London. Big Beat duo Lunatic Calm (AKA Simon “Shack” Shackleton and Howard “Howie” Saunders) got their hands on it and turned it into a lengthy EDM track straight out of¬†The Matrix.

The soundtrack also included “Bodyrock” by Moby who has easily had the longest-lasting career out of anyone on this soundtrack.

Written by: Afroxander