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More “Big Brother” Racism

CBS has aired some of Aaryn’s racism, but in the process made Amanda out to be some sort of hero/social justice warrior, calling out all the racism in the house. Clearly this is not the case. Amanda is one of the worst and most unrepentant offenders in the house. This video only shows a SMALL fraction of her horrible comments.

Check out this video of Amanda Zuckerman from this season’s Big Brother making racial, homophobic, and derogatory remarks. These comments were picked up by viewers subscribed to the Big Brother live feeds, but have yet to air on any actual episode.

For the most part, these comments have been swept under the rug and Zuckerman (along with several other house guests) has been portrayed in a mostly positive light.

Hopefully, this video will shed light on the issue and it will force CBS to finally address Zuckerman’s bigotry on the TV broadcast.