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Character Appreciation: Winston from “New Girl”


With all the excitement about Damon Wayans, Jr. (Coach) returning to New Girl, it’s easy to forget that his original departure right after the pilot allowed for a new character to be introduced to fill his spot. If Happy Endings hadn’t been saved from cancellation all those years ago, we never would have gotten Winston – who just so happens to be my personal favorite character on the show.

Unlike the “in your face” aspects of the usual favorites (Nick and Schmidt, okay sometimes Jess, too – is Cece anyone’s favorite?), Winston manages to come off as normal most of the time. Then there are those short little bursts of humor that perfectly highlight just how suited to the show Lamorne Morris – the actor who portrays Winston – is.

With all that in mind, let’s throw some Character Appreciation his way! Woooooooh!

W is for Wicked

I was kind of ambivalent toward Winston’s character right up until the episode that he sang songs from the musical Wicked while driving. I’m not sure what it was about that moment, but it just sealed the deal for me. I thought back to all the little funny things he had done throughout that first season and I realized his blend of comedy and normalcy had found a special place in my heart. 

I is for In Shape

You’d have to be in shape to spend two years in Latvia playing basketball, right? Actually, I have no idea – is Latvia known for its athletics? At the very least, Winston is in good enough shape to be stuck trying to whip Schmidt into shape, which will always be akin to fighting a losing battle.

N is for Nerd

Okay, this one is a bit of a stretch, especially considering the fact that he was technically a “jock”. But, the fact is, he did spend time outside of his home country. Basically, he lost all knowledge of the good ‘ol US of A and had to cram two years of pop culture history into a limited time window. That takes a lot of brain power.

S is for Secret Lover

What will Winston do to get his lazy Saturday afternoon? Just about anything, including: pretend to be Nick’s down-low lover to get some girls out of the apartment, all while invoking “great negro spirits.”

T is for Trickster

Winston is notoriously bad at pranking people. When he was young, it was innocent: he was simply incapable of thinking about horrible things to do to people. Then, as he aged, his ideas got dark. What’s wrong with a little murder or maiming in the name of revenge? NOTHING.

O is for Opulent

Winston doesn’t have your average taste. While Nick drinks straight liquor (and cries in the corner), Winston is enjoying a fancy mixed drink with a loopy straw. Sometimes he’ll do this while sitting in a bath tub. Or while he insists that his Saturdays must remain “lazy.”

N is for Naive

Despite usually being the most level-headed of the four roommates, Winston’s ability to miss some pretty obvious stuff is kind of amazing. It comes from a certain level of childhood naivety he has, such as his belief in Santa Claus and his adoration of Nick’s mostly deadbeat dad.

Who is your favorite New Girl character?