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Character Appreciation: Pam Poovey from “Archer”


Reading some of the Archer recaps  Christine’s got posted on the site, I started getting nostalgic for the show. As Christine has said, “2014 is far too long to wait for this show to return, I might jump off a cliff to curb my sorrow” (okay, I might be paraphrasing – or just outright lying, no big deal).

The truth is, I’m pretty sure this show is the best animated comedy on TV right now – it’s only competition being Bob’s Burgers, which also features the voice talents of H. Jon Benjamin. This means, with the level of perfection being where it’s at, that it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite character.

However, I’m going to force myself to choose one so I can bring you a fresh Character Appreciation Post in acrostic poem form. (The first to feature an animated character! We’re breaking ground here, people.)

I have chosen Pam Poovey. Let us begin:

P is for “Personal”

Pam’s job on Archer is in human resources. It’s her job to talk to the agents and other personnel about any personal problems they might be having at work, but she really shouldn’t be allowed to hold such a position. Let’s start with the fact that she’s a huge gossip. She lets slip information about an inter-office mole hunt, a cancer diagnosis, and various other personal tidbits about her coworkers. Then there’s the fact that she makes sexual advances toward just about every person she works with and graffitis the office (and the city in general).

A is for Appetite

There’s no getting around this one, no matter how crudely I choose to word it:  Pam can eat a lot. While this may not be a defining character trait for most characters, it totally is for Pam. But Pam’s gluttonous tendencies do not stop with food. They carry over to all facets of her life. Alcohol? Check, she drinks too much (she has a taste for “Green Russians” – absinthe and milk – mmmm). Sex? Yup – she’s done it in space with Archer and had a three way with the super spy’s mom and a Swiss billionaire. After her first time having sex with Archer, she spent the next morning taking a massive shit. I imagine after that, she was hungry again. My point here is that it’s a never ending ouroboros-like existence for Ms. Poovey. Drinking leads to sex, which leads to post-coital food cravings, which leads to humongous shits, which leads to more drinking. Also, there’s her love of bear claws, which needs no further explanation.

M is for Mighty

Like her crazy food habits, the activities Pam partakes in during her free time are decidedly atypical. She may spend her days with her hair in a bun and wrapped in a standard-issue 1960s style skirt, but at night she lets her hair down (okay, so her hair stays up – I mean metaphorically, people), puts on a wife beater, and takes on scary, tattooed, possible gang members. That’s right: dear, sweet, constantly-made-fun-of-for-her-weight Pam is nighttime street fighter. She’s so good at it, in fact, that she’s got her number of kills tattooed on her back (along with a Lord Byron poem – but that’s a tidbit better left for another time). While street-fighting should be plenty of excitement, Pam doesn’t stop there. She’s also taken up drag-racing with the Yakuza  as a hobby. What a woman.

Who else is in love with Pam? Let’s be real, everyone is. Sound off in the comments about your favorite Pam moment!