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Graceland 1×09 “Smoke Alarm” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Graceland.


Let’s check out the eight best moments from this week’s episode!

1. Jangles’ Exclamation Point

The team is discussing the oncoming storms that is the Caza Cartel’s mysterious boogeyman just in time for Mike to receive a call that Jangles is in town. The man has left behind a calling card as a warning. It’s a pair of shoes (that belong to one of Bello’s dealers) on a telephone wire – and the feet they belong to are still inside.

2. Safe House

Mike takes off to meet with Bello and gets a first hand look at the boss’ new fortified suburban compound. He shows Mike some crazy ass guns and Mike looks awfully worried. Even Bello’s men are unconvinced that bigger guns will keep the crime boss safe from Jangles.

3. The Motel

Charlie tracks down a motel room Briggs rented under Odin Rossi’s shell company and looks inside. She is ambushed by a Mexican FBI equivalent agent and he suggests they exchange info on Rossi. She decides to look into him. They’re unaware that Briggs has watched the whole exchange via a camera he installed in the room.


4. Control Officer Out of Control

After finding out his room has been bugged (and majorly pissing off Paige for not telling her why he’s angry) Mike confronts his control officer. The man tells him all about how he was “good friends” with Briggs’ old agent friend Juarez. Turns out, The Estate (Graceland 1.0) burned down and Briggs was conveniently out of town for the event that killed his fellow agents. Now Mike’s control officer is getting super vengeful and Mike thinks he’s out of control and paranoid.

5. Cantina Lovin’

Johnny takes Briggs to a bar where he knows a waitress that might have info on Jangles. She points Briggs in the direction of one of the bar’s new faces while Johnny flirts with her. Since she won’t date gang bangers, he comes up with a new cover story: he’s reformed and looking to join the LAPD. Briggs notices that one of Bello’s men is sitting in the back selling out Bello to the cartel.

6. Bello Prepares for War

Mike thinks Bello is being stupid for sending his men out into the street to die by the hands of the cartel. Bello is pissed that Mike thinks the boss is taking the deaths so lightly and reveals that he’s starting a war with the cartel in order to gain his independence.



7. Jangles Attacks

Before Mike can learn the truth, Jangles shows up and takes out all of Bello’s men. Mike manages to keep Bello from being killed, but receives a knife to the gut, courtesy of Jangles. Just arriving on the scene, Briggs opts to keep Mike from bleeding out, rather than chase Jangles. Mike wakes up in the hospital, with Paige standing over him. He finally admits his role at Graceland and she freaks out and leaves.

8. Undercover Control Officer

Mike’s control officer approaches a very drunk Briggs, pretending to be Jangles. Briggs freaks out and there’s a scuffle involving a gun. It’s safe to say that Mike’s FBI Office connection no longer has a pulse.


Much like last week’s episode, I’m impressed with this show’s ability to tie together all the threads it’s been stringing along since starting. Also, I’m happy that it isn’t going the predictable USA show route by being happy and sunny all the damn time. Some dark shit’s going down and it’s pretty interesting.

Rating A-

Here’s the preview for next week’s episode: