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Graceland 1×08 “Bag Man” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Graceland.


Another week, another episode of Graceland. Let’s check out the top eight moments this week!

1. Briggs’ Routine

Briggs wakes up and gets his exercise on and then makes his way to his secret apartment. He picks up some drugs and drops them at a local gym for Bello to pick up. Mike is sent to get them, and the FBI sets up a sting for when “Odin” shows up to receive his cash. Briggs is also relieved to find out that Mike hasn’t let his heroin addiction secret slip (even though Mike totally told his boss) to any of the higher ups at the FBI.

2. Mike is Still Dating Abby (Unfortunately)

The most boring relationship ever continues this week, with Abby suspecting Mike is cheating on her. Evading questions about his home life, he tells her about his issues with Briggs – all masked in a pilot cover story, of course.

3. Workin’ Out

Johnny and Jakes are undercover working out at the gym, waiting for Odin to show up and collect his cash. Jakes gets pissed and decides to wait in the car. When Johnny goes to see what’s up, Jakes goes off on him about trying too hard to be personable. Basically, their major differences as characters are laid out: Johnny looks to Graceland as his family, while Jakes just looks at it as a job.



4. Weird Panty Brigade Shoot Out

For some reason, Odin has a bunch of scantily clad women packing heroin in an abandoned bank. Mike visits, makes eyes at one of them, and goes to convince Bello that he needs to meet Odin, so that Mike knows who to watch out for if the bad guy turns on his boss. The Caza cartel sends a hit squad. They manage to miss their targets and kill all the women (very awkward scene), but Mike takes them all out, save for one.

Bello kidnaps the live shooter and they go back to Bello’s lair. There, Bello tortures the guy until he tells them what the next wave of revenge for switching suppliers will be: Jangles (the guy who got Briggs addicted to heroin). Suddenly, everyone is pissed at Briggs: Mike thinks he used Odin as an excuse to get revenge on the mysterious cartel boogeyman and Charlie thinks Briggs pushed Mike way too far.

5. Charlie Loses Her Trust in Briggs

Following the Caza incident, Charlie takes Johnny with her and breaks into Briggs’ secret apartment. He happens to be there at the time and hides in his heroin-filled crawlspace. She doesn’t find anything out of the ordinary and walks away appeased, but she still thinks that he’s Odin (since the communication watch she used on the pier conveniently stopped working right when Odin was supposed to show).

6. Most Awkward House Tour Ever

Mike takes Abby to Graceland as a gesture of good will, and even sneaks her upstairs. While he pees, she stupidly opens his bedroom door and catches a glimpse of Paige, gun drawn. The feds manage to cover up the incident with lies, but then Abby comes across Mike’s gun and finally figures out that there’s something up.

She breaks it off with Mike, after a plea that he be honest with her. This just leaves Paige, who’s pissed with him. She basically tells him he’s allowed to break rules, but needs to figure out which ones are breakable (and they lay the shipping on pretty heavily, if you ask me).



7. Lying to Bello

Mike changes the game and lies to Bello, telling him that Odin didn’t leave his newest shipment where they agreed. Briggs is pissed, but Charlie is supportive of the decision, since it will force Bello to meet with Odin and they’ll get a chance to take the mystery man down.

8. The Meet

Mike, Briggs, Johnny, and Charlie are on the scene when Bello meets with Odin. To get away from the others, Briggs claims he’s going after a car that was reported missing (lamest excuse ever). Meanwhile, he texts Bello to go into a shop and climb through a hole in a dressing room wall. They meet up in a storage area and Briggs gives Bello the keys to his secret place, still filled with heroin. It appears Briggs is out of the game. Bello doesn’t go back through the hole, which makes the agents realize he’s managed to meet up with Odin. They rush to capture the enigmatic drug lord, and Briggs is forced to attack Mike and knock him out, before lying that Odin escaped.


Not a bad episode. This show continues to become more serialized, which is a nice turn. Also, unlike most USA shows, this one is actually balking at maintaining a status quo. I would have fully expected Briggs to end up innocent by the end of the season, in an effort to keep things bright and sunny (which really should be the motto of the network, not “Characters Welcome.”

It’s also nice to see that not every character is stupidly ignoring the clues about Briggs that are right in front of them, in an effort of ramp up dramatic tension. I’m also really enjoying the themes raised about family between Jakes and Johnny.

Rating: A

Check out the preview for next week’s episode:

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