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Top 4 Returning Fall Shows

elementary I seem to have blinked and missed the first half of summer. While for most people, this would be a depressing statement, it’s not for me (I’m not like most people. I’m ~different.) To me, summer is an emotional drought where I’m cut off from the one thing I love most. I’m talking about network TV, of course.

Before I allow myself to blather on incessantly for three hours, let me get down to business. I’m here to discuss the shows that I’m most excited to see returning. Since this list would be never-ending if I listed them all, I decided to make some difficult decisions and only choose one show from each of the Big Four networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX).

Elementary (CBS) | September 26

I totally thought this one was going to be a bust. Sure, the producers did innovative things like gender swap Watson (Lucy Liu is killing it in the role, if I do say so myself) and move the action to NYC.

However, I was not expecting these changes to trump the fact that this was airing on CBS, the network famous for status-quo-loving procedurals. While the show does have that vibe to it, it has created such a strong bond between Liu and Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes, that I barely even pay attention to what the cases are these days.

Since the show is going to be opening its second season with a two parter in London, I’m extra excited.

Parks and Recreation (NBC) | September 26

While I was tempted to list Hannibal as my most anticipated, it won’t be returning until 2014. In the wake of that news, I’ve got to go with Parks and Recreation.

While it’s not nearly as mentally demanding as Hannibal, it is a great way to spend a half hour. It’s got arguably the best sitcom ensemble on TV these days (Community is iffy in the wake of show runner and cast turnover) and never fails to make me at least smile, if not full on guffaw.

Coincidently, the show is debuting the same day as Elementary and will also be set in London. I suspect some sort of conspiracy. Moriarty’s in on it, naturally. So is Jerry.

Scandal (ABC) | October 3 

This is easily the best show ABC has on the air right now, though this could very well change this fall when Agents of SHIELD starts airing (come on, it’s headed by Joss Whedon). But as of now, Shonda Rhimes’ youngest televisual baby is the network’s shining star.

Last season we got an assassination attempt and the revelation that Olivia Pope’s own father is in on the ever-growing conspiracy surrounding the DC-based scandal fixer.

While it can be extremely over the top at times, the acting on Scandal is superb, and incredibly engaging. I just can’t help but get sucked in.

New Girl (FOX) | September 17

I am expecting New Girl to get knocked down a peg once both Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human hits the airwaves, but as of this moment, the Zooey Deschanel-fronted comedy is the best thing the network has to offer.

The chemistry between the cast members is amazing and the episodes never fail to make me laugh out loud.

There’s drama, too! I was wary of the Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess pairing at first, but it has grown so organically over the last two years that it’s completely in character and very believable.

What shows are you excited to see returning this fall?