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Teen Wolf 3×05 “Frayed” Recap

Warning: Contains spoilers from the most recent episode of Teen Wolf.



Another week, another episode of Teen Wolf. Let’s unpack the ten best moments from “Frayed.”

1. Desert!

Right off the bat, we’re in a different location. Based on the dialogue in this scene, it looks like the setup of the episode will be different, too. After a short interaction between Stiles and Scott involving SAT vocabulary (Okay, Scott know words like “ephemeral” but he doesn’t know what fucking “incongruous” means? Gotta blame the writers on that one.) Then Scott reveals a huge wound that’s healing slowly because it’s from an alpha. Also, Allison and Lydia seem to be following the bus, heading off on its mystery field trip. Oh, and Derek’s dead. Should have mentioned that first.

2. Wrestle Foreplay

Aaaaaand, welcome to tonight’s nonlinear episode of Teen Wolf. In our first flashback, we see Scott and Allison. Scott is warning her off getting involved in any of this nasty alpha business, and she responds by playfully fighting/turning him on in order to prove her fighting abilities. He’s faster than Allison and overzealous in showing her, and he leaves feeling sheepish for letting things go too far.


3. This Week’s Slow Motion Action Scene

Scott boards the elevator at the hotel Allison is apparently staying at (I must have missed the moving van) and runs into Uber Alpha. Naturally, Scott runs to tell his current gang, which consists of Derek, Peter, Boyd, and Cora. They seem to be planning an attack on the Alpha Pack. Cue a flash-forward and we see this week’s Ridiculous Slow Motion Action Scene. It’s tinted very blue and consists of Alphas vs. The Good Guys. The friendlies are getting fucked up.

4. Get Your Shit Together, Lydia

Back in the desert, Allison and Lydia are still following the bus. We learn that Allison is tracking Scott because she’s worried for his safety, and when Lydia wonders why she’s been forced to come along, it’s because of her fling with one of the Ginger Twins. Cue my horror, because she knows full well that he’s an alpha. Come on now, Lydia, you know better!

Meanwhile, in the present, the motorcade comes to a screeching halt in the middle of a traffic jam, Isaac expositions that they’re headed for a track meet, and Boyd starts to wolf out, unable to control his seething hatred for the Gingecest Brothers. Fortunately, Scott manages to talk him down, leaving Stiles with the task of finding out who Danny’s Ginger Twin is waiting to hear from. After he’s forced Danny to ask through a myriad of texts, we learn Ginger is waiting for news on a sick friend.

5. The Escalator (or, “Needless Tension Building Because Derek is Obviously Alive”)

During the fight scene flashback, we learn that Derek tussled with Roided Out Alpha and they fell over the side of a half-crumbled mall floor onto an escalator. Of course, the bodies have disappeared. Cora and Peter discuss how this is possible, and Peter states the obvious: Which one is alive, and which one moved a body? The obvious answer? They both got up independently of one another. Nevertheless, the tension building continues and The Vet gets some screen-time. Ms. Morrell, who turns out to be The Vet’s younger sister, shows up at his office and insists he help her injured alpha pal.


6. Stitch Par-tay

Scott’s a little worse for wear, so Stiles manages to make the kid that’s been threatening to throw up for the whole bus ride blow chunks in order to pull over at the nearest rest stop. Since he knows Allison and Lydia have been tailing the bus since they left the school, he gets the duo to help him.

Lydia makes a very random leap and claims Scott’s condition is physical, but with a psychological cause (Derek’s death). Stiles and Lydia go to keep the bus in park while Allison works at stitching Scott up, keeping a calm head with a bit of mother hallucination.

7. Fuck Yeah, Scott

Scott flashes back to Derek’s death and we see how everyone came to be at the decrepit mall. Scott was trying to make peace with Uber Alpha instead of getting all his friends killed, but while both sides were supposed to show up alone, neither one did. Derek secretly brought his crew without Scott’s knowledge, and Uber Alpha ignored the rules by bringing his gang of alphas. As the two sides get ready for their tussle, Scott wakes up back at the rest stop, healing. He’s just in time to stop Isaac from killing the Redheaded Flatline (I was going for the opposite of “heartthrob” – I admit it’s not my best) in front of the whole team.

8. Surgery Par-tay

Back at the vet’s office, Roided Out Alpha has been fixed up. Peter and Cora show up, but stay outside. Inside, Uber Alpha shows up, and, instead of thanking The Vet for his hard work, decides to crush his minion’s skull. So much for that member of the gang. His peers are visibly upset (Talon Foot Alpha in particular), so Peter and Cora skedaddle instead of facing them.


9. Mall Confrontation

Back at the mall, it’s good guys vs. bad guys. After a brief fight, they try to get Derek to kill Boyd, under threats to Cora’s well-being. Before he has to make the choice, Allison (who has been trying to get her dad to join the good fight) saves the day with her light bursting arrows. While everyone is distracted, Scott bumps heads with Steroid Alpha, and his eyes briefly turn red. It looks like someone is on his way to alpha territory, just like Uber Alpha not-so-subtly suggested was possible earlier.

10. Final Revelations

So, Scott accidentally “killed” Derek when he scratched Roided Out Alpha’s leg and knocked the battling pair over the ledge. While he’s feeling guilty about that on the bus ride home, Derek turns up not-so dead.

Surprise! In fact, he’s so alive, he’s looking for a quickie with New Teacher. Or, he just might be looking for help with his bleeding out in the school parking lot problem.


From a recapping standpoint, a nonlinear episode is hell, but from a fan viewpoint it’s awesome. This was definitely an improvement over last week’s episode. I was glad to see a change-up in formula after the last two episodes were so compact time-wise. While the Dark Druid plot was on the back-burner in this episode, the Alpha Pack stuff was all good, especially with the hints that big things are on the horizon for Scott.

Rating: A-

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