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Teen Wolf 3×07 “Currents” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Teen Wolf.


Another week, another episode of Teen Wolf. We bid adieu to creepy motels this week, and see the main action move back to lovely Beacon Hills. Let’s see what Top Ten Moments befall our intrepid furry friends in “Currents”!

1. Mama McCall to the Rescue

Scott brings his mom dinner as she frantically tries to wrangle a doctor to take care of car accident victims. Luckily, she’s around when Danny is brought in with heart issues. A few seconds later and he’s vomiting up mistletoe.

When waiting for a doctor to show proves fruitless, Mama McCall awesomely takes matters into her own hands and doctors him back into good health – at least for the time being.

2. Dead Doctors

Scott and Ethan are outside the hospital bickering over Danny’s state when a car wobbles into the lot and crashes into another car. Inside there’s nothing but a heart-shaped moth. The car belongs to the on-call doc, and she was attacked by a swarm of the little buggers long before she reached the hospital.

So, now she’s missing, as opposed to the doctor who was supposed to be stationed at the hospital that night – who’s found dead. This leaves Scott paranoid, so he and Isaac spend all night watching over Scott’s mom. Not a great plan, since they both conk out long before sunrise, anyway.



3. Third Time’s The Charm

Scott’s paranoia proves fruitless, since he gets an urgent call from the Vet. He cryptically tells Scott he’s going to be taken (Why not mention the swarm of moths at your office, man?) and hangs up.

When Scott said any healer could be in the darach’s menu, he failed to consider the animal variety.

4. Protecting Derek

While Derek openly mocks Boyd and Isaac (let your outside be as gooey as your insides Derek), they try to protect him. Boyd has a particularly smart plan. Pour water all over Derek’s apartment and then wait for a certain she-wolf who thinks shoes are too constricting for her seriously-in-need-of-a-pedicure toes to walk in it and get zapped to oblivion.

5. The Usual School Antics

While Stiles locates Lydia for help with finding Deacon, Scott is lured in by Deucalion’s tapping cane.

They duke it out, Deucalion warns him that they’re coming for Derek (blah, blah, blah) then gives him a clue to finding the misplaced vet: “Follow the current.” Scott, who has been practicing all those flash cards, should not have trouble figuring that one out.

Meanwhile, Stiles and Cora (who “nicely” tells Lydia to stop banging the non-Ethan ginger – seriously, stop) try to access Lydia’s power center through various hokey supernatural tricks, like an Ouija Board. Lydia tells them they’re being idiotic – Danny is obviously the one who can help them, since he was attacked.



6. Danny and Stiles Sitting in a… Hospital Room

Stiles takes off to talk to Danny, who’s still passed out at the hospital. When he gets there, he humorously fails to wake the kid, so he starts going through his bag. Inside is Danny’s physics paper that rings all sorts of “current” related bells for Scott.

7. Scott Gets a Boner

Allison invites Scott over to her place to… snoop through her dad’s stuff. When he shows up earlier than she expected, they hide in the closet and Scott’s body takes over.

They have a good, ill-timed laugh over his overactive penis, then get down to business (not like that, but they do almost kiss). Papa Argent has been marking where bodies are being found with an invisible ink map, but there are also some locations where bodies are going to be found.

8. The Currents!

Something something currents, something something lunar cycles, something something Beacon Hills is an actual beacon. Magic!

The group pours over the Argent map and the map Danny was using in a science project about energy currents, and they figure out that all the sacrifices correspond with currents running through the town. One such spot happens to be the bank vault where Boyd was being kept. It looks like a pretty likely spot for the Vet to be held.



9. The Alphas Come Calling

Boyd’s plan goes bad very quickly, because before even coming inside, Kali cuts the power. In she walks, bare feet free to slosh as much as desired, and Derek says he’s going to fight her. That is, until the Ginger Twins drag Jennifer into the room, in full distressed damsel mode.

Stiles, Lydia, Isaac and Cora go to save them and get the power back on. Unfortunately, this fries both Kali and Derek and leaves her with just enough strength to get the upper hand. She and the twins use Derek’s claws to slice open Boyd and he slowly dies in Derek’s arms.

Why Boyd? Why?!

The alphas leave, after warning Derek he needs to kill his pack before the next full moon – or else they all die.

10. A Vault and an Argent

Scott gets to the vault where Deacon is being held but the vet’s surrounded by mountain ash. He tries to push through the barrier, and his eyes flash red for a second. Papa Stilinski shows up, having done some nifty Celtic matching (the bank and the vet’s office have matching symbols) and frees him.

Deacon then informs Scott that it’s possible for a beta to become an Alpha without killing anyone. It’s called a True Alpha, and he suspects that Deucalion is in town to sway Scott, not Derek.

Meanwhile, Allison finally confronts her grandfather.


I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that this was the first week where the Alpha Pack and the Darach plots were split evenly time-wise. For me, this was an opportunity to see how well each arc works. I definitely favor the dark oak stuff a lot more than the alphas since the former is an engaging mystery that is gaining traction and moving forward with each episode.

The latter seems to spin its wheels, throw in random wolf fights, then give a tiny tidbit of forward momentum in the closing minutes of the episode. Hopefully, it’ll change for the better now that the plot is directly tied into Scott’s main emotional arc.

Rating: B+