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“Suits” Tumblr Reality vs. Actual Reality


Remember how I wrote that post listing all the critically-acclaimed shows that I needed to watch, and totally planned to? Well, the first thing I did was completely ignore that post and start watching Suits.

Someone I follow on Tumblr (the URL slips my mind) is crazy about this show, and after every episode, I expect to see a ton of Suits gifs flood my dashboard.

A hypothetical: After a while, a guy starts to take notice of this. He pays attention to the subtle nuances in characterization, the intricate plot developments, and the character interaction, both witty and dramatic. He sees that he’s being presented with a weekly gif recap of the next Sopranos.

Okay, no. Not really. While Suits is a witty good time, it’s not nearly that good. But, as I said, it’s a good time. I wouldn’t be terribly sad if it were cancelled but it’s still an enjoyable watch – at times.

However, while enjoyably watching it, I noticed something. There were discrepancies between the characters I had become curious about on Tumblr and what I was watching. Usually, Tumblr is a great way of bottling the essence of a character (if you stare at their tagged posts long enough) but I could definitely see some differences between what I thought certain characters were going to be and what they actually were.

Today, I’d like to take a look at those differences (keep in mind that I have only seen through episode 10 of season one).


Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht)

Tumblr Reality: A cool, calculated bastard, nice suits, etc., etc. His gooey insides are more prevalent than expected.

Actual Reality: A cool, calculated bastard. Wears nice suits and doesn’t give a shit about anybody unless they’re offering him money for some good lawyering. Good for witty one-liners. Might sometimes show some gooey insides during the climax of an episode.

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams)

Tumblr Reality: Good guy. Sweet, caring. Can be funny, but the humor is usually at his expense (i.e. the punchline of one of Harvey’s jokes).

Actual Reality: Good guy. Sweet, caring. Is funny in his own right, and shows more backbone than initially expected. Can’t smell him through the TV screen, thankfully.

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman)

Tumblr Reality: When compared to Mike’s punchline status, Mike looks like Harvey. Can’t do a good job of lawyering to save his life. Also, very bald. The type of guy the audience loves to hate.

Actual Reality: Certified sleaze bucket. So far, has zero redeeming qualities. Not even remotely fun to hate, I sort of cringe when he comes on screen. Boo, hiss.

Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle)

Tumblr Reality: Pretty. Full of herself. A character on the show.

Actual Reality: Arguably the female lead. Demanding (in a good way). Bad at tests. A character on the show.

Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty)

Tumblr Reality: Queen bitch. Harvey’s bestie, and the woman who will protect him to the ends of the earth. Should not be crossed, for fear of balls staying attached to body.

Actual Reality: Glorified recurring character. Almost no screen time, but everything above still stands. SHould have more screen time in future seasons, I demand it. Needs to act in more mock trials.

Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres)

Tumblr Reality: Stoic. Tall. Good for a biting one-liner that puts Harvey in his place.

Actual Reality: Much more of a presence on the show than I was expecting. Much scarier than Donna, but in a reserved way. Makes me fear for livelihood, not body parts.

Overall, while Harvey and Mike (by virtue of being the lead characters) pretty much landed exactly where I expected them to – based on what little I knew of the show – everyone else seemed to be a wild card.

How do shows stack up when you know a lot about them going in? Also, how do you feel about Suits?