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Run The Jewels’ “36” Chain” Music Video feat. Mr. Killums

Run The Jewels duo El-P and Killer Mike have donned the best in gold chains for their “36” Chain” music video, the third track off the self-titled collab album.

When the cute, fluffy, ever-so-slightly-immoral stuffed puppet known as Mr. Killums gets snatched by some nefarious dudes in a van, El-P and Killer Mike would do just about anything to get their friend back. This, of course, means beating people’s heads in with guitar necks, ripping out eyeballs, throwing sweet little grandmas across a room, etc. When the punchline comes along at the end of the four minute clip, it’s a great ba-dum-tsss moment.

The clip is pretty amusing, and gloriously campy in its violence. There are a lot of fun cameos, too, such as Joan of Arcadia‘s Amber Tamblyn, Heems from the now disbanded Das Racist, Yak Ballz (member of hip-hop supergroup The Weathermen), and musician Andrew W.K. You can play a game of “Spot the Celeb” for yourself by watching the music video below: