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Mayer Hawthorne’s “Crime” feat. Kendrick Lamar

Once again, my love for Kendrick Lamar leads me to listen to a song I otherwise wouldn’t have listened to. I previously hadn’t been all that aware of who Mayer Hawthorne even was – it’s possible I’ve heard something of his somewhere but if so it didn’t register – however, based purely off this one track alone, he sounds like someone I could get into.

“Crime” has a thumping, dance-able beat and lyrics that I’m already crooning along with. Mayer’s vocals bring a sense of dreaminess as he sings about how we all just wanna party and rock all night, and can the po-po please get off our backs about it already?

Kendrick’s verse is leagues longer than his feature on Robin Thicke’s “Give It 2 U” (which I’m very pleased about), and though this isn’t his lyrical best, his as usual untouchable flow adds a layer of storytelling to an overall simplistic song.

This is the first single off of Mayer Hawthorne’s next album, Where Does This Door Go, which drops in a few days on July 16.

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